I know that there are lots of Otakuans who are running out of ideas,such as myself. So i've conjured up a club where you can submit posts for possible trades that you could do with someone.

Trade Away!

So the idea from my percpective is that to propose a trade of some sort, that you post it up. The guidelines I mean, what it's about in the simplest form.

Hopefully then people shall comment on your post saying that they would like to take part in the trade and vice verca, if thats possible.

If you have any questions, comments or queries, comment and I shall reply!

~ Pastel

The Rules

But, since God created the rules of the world, I shall create the rules of this world.

- Don't be an arse and bitch about peoples proposals to trading! It's uncool. Period

- If your going to do a art trade, make sure you dedicate the work to them, cuz it's friendly! *pedophile smile* jk.

- Not too much swearing, I swear on a daily basis either it's to myself or around my friends, just don't go into words such as 'firetruck' if you know what I mean..

I guess that's it! Oh and all the rules that theO imply aswell if those are the words suitable.

Join Here!

So the shin-diggy of it here, as my mother would say(not), is that you comment on this post, saying that you would like to join!