A world for WIPs duh

just to show you all if I'm currently doing something good~


just showing ya'll i havent abandoned this place so heres a wip of a big picture u 3 u


a sad ass comic im working on for kiro because i need to get her back for giving me uncontrollable feels BC

Maggz Godtier

I believe along Maggz's game session she would eventually lose her glasses, and whenever she doesn't have her glasses she starts to speak normally(because she doesn't have dangly parts to distract her lol), but cruder and definitely meaner.

She would probably rub it in Elliz's face as soon as she reaches Godtier mode too xD

so far I'm just to lazy to finish but oh well~
this isn't my WIP world fer nothin e u e

Gunner girl WIP

I've finally wanted to do something traditional so heres a WIP of it

sorry about the colors I had to take it with my webcam

Keepin me busy

I think I'm starting to get used to this tiny tablet 'o mine~

I think spring is in ze air~
Because I think I got my drawing mojo back!
I just started drawing stuff from nowhere!:D

and to show how happy I am, here two WIPS!:D(which are both anthro pics((you won't know what I named em though!>:D))
External Image
I blame UnknownRumors' stuff for being cool to look atXD