Everything about art will be found in here! I'll be transferring the art thingies in here. I dunno how to introduce this world. Ehem... This is a place of paradise. A place to chill. A place of art. That's all. Maybe I'll update next time.

This world is also a world where you will see my unpublished progressing works.

Also, if you want to guest post some of your WIPs and i haven't added you to the guest posters list yet, don't hesitate to PM me

And if you wonder why you're a guest poster even if you didn't PM me, well I have this weird habit of adding random people :3

WIPs can be anything. unfinished poem, unfinished wallpaper, card, art, or anything!

Simple Magic

Hey Guys! :) I need some comments and Critiques for this piece I made.
It's sort of like a "come-back" piece since I haven't been on for a while :)

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Facebook timeline cover!

check it out! I just made it because I was bored xD It’s my new facebook timeline cover! Yes, I’m trying out timeline :3 It’s still on it’s developers release though, might become official in the future. lol

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My first work

Yes my first masterpiece.. Or um... yeah.. Anyway, this is what I first seriously made using a image manipulation program and in this case it was just pure old classic Paint.
Yeah, I made this several years ago and it is still fun to watch. Sort of~! XD

Project Liberty day

First, thank you SarahPatricia for placing me as a guest poster here. That is very honorable.^^

I just wanted to share with you a project that I was working for the Liberation or Day of my country that is on 25th of November. It is for a competition and we have to present it.
I also choose that instead of doing something on big A0 papers that I should go with digitally making him and then just paying for printing it. This is what I have done up until now. :3

new desktop and phone wallpaper

Okay so this wallpaper I made is only for myself, lol sorry x) but check it out!
It's *his* name. //drools
Oh well~
on the Smartphone wallpaper version, the colors are darker, since I don't like bright colors for my phone :>
got something to say about it? :)))
---I might make a wallpaper for everyone to enjoy soon! If I have time, lol.
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Good night!