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Wow, once again I've managed to disappear from this website for a long time. Do people even still care about me? haha

But I digress.

I just wanted to let my few subscribers know that I'm alive and I haven't forgotten about this website, or the comic I wanted to so badly to get done. I was able to get several pages draw out, but I was just never able to clean it up and color it. Now more than ever I just do not have time for art. I doodle sometimes, but law school has sucked up all of my time. What little free time I have I try to spend it with my fiancé. Oh yeah, I'm engaged too, bee-tee-dubs.

My significant other and I are planning to get married next year in September. It's going to be a small courthouse wedding, and we're only planning to invite 14 people. Weddings are expensive and we want to save money for a really amazing honeymoon in Scotland. We might have an actual wedding ceremony after I've started my career as an attorney and have money to spend. But we're really happy and excited and we get giggly when I mention that we're going to be husband and wife next year.

Now, back to art. I'm going to try to get back into drawing and art over the summer, even though I have many things to accomplish. I have to start learning Japanese and get A++ certified so that I can get a job with Sony through my fellowship program, since they can only place people with Sony who are fluent in Japanese or have a technical background. And I'm planning to take at least one summer school class. I can't make any promises on art, but I miss it so much and I have ArtRage Studio now and it's so nice to use. I'm hoping to one day be able to complete my comic, as well.

I've also got a blog up and running. It's mostly for my cosplay adventures, but I'm also going to post video game related things as well. It's a little sparse right now, but I have ideas for new posts. My Blog. If anyone is interested in taking a peek into my life, you can look to my blog, or even add me on Facebook! My Facebook. So send me a friend request or check out my blog from time to time, if you'd like.

So yeah, that's about it. I want to try to be just a little more active again on here because this website is like my art roots/old art stomping grounds. I just love it here so much. I miss everyone here and I hope I can contribute more and interact with you guys more.


I'm also planning on creating a new world so I can give little/simple legal advice or tips. I want to share what I'm learning in law school, so others can benefit as well, for free. I believe it's super important to know the law, despite what others might say. I can't give full blown advice or tell anyone what they should do because I am not a licensed attorney yet, but I can point you guys in the right direction if you have any questions.

New Tablet || Blue Hair! (Photos)

External Image

External Image

Awww yiiissssss! My new tablet (a Wacom Bamboo Splash) finally arrived today and I'm super excited! Finally back in business. So now I can really work on my comic (after I take my LSAT). I can't wait to draw pictures again like I used to, and I'm curious to see how different this Bamboo Splash is from my old Intuos3.

And in other news, I'm getting ready for another photo shoot with my boyfriend. We're doing a post apocalyptic shoot and I got a lovely blue wig from Epic Cosplay. From their Amazon store instead of their actual website (it's a few dollars cheaper). It's a great quality wig and I styled it a little bit. Now I'm just waiting for my gas mask and a jacket to arrive and I'll be all set; can't wait

Cosplaying as Seven (PHOTOS)

So my boyfriend and I went to the Lunar Festival yesterday (Saturday Jan. 26) and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of cosplayers and they were all beautiful. I was cosplaying as my character Seven from my comic (that I'm trying my best to get done). Before my boyfriend and I went to the event, we had a little photo shoot in his backyard. I didn't think it would be weird for him to be my photographer, but when we actually got started, I got all shy and embarrassed for some reason haha So the whole entire time, I felt like I kept making strange faces. So I thought I would share two of the ones I thought were the best. Even if I am making a funny face.

He didn't edit any of the photos yet, but I got a hold of these and added some effects myself.

"Sons of God" Up in 24 Hours (COVER PHOTO)

EDIT: I can't actually see my comic, or edit it, but I was just told that my subscribers can see it. So ignore me and this post haha

So I just submitted my new comic, Sons of God and I'm super excited to get to work on it! I'm just slightly miffed that it has to go through a review process of sorts and won't be up til 24 hours or so have passed. I understand why that's done, but I wanted everyone to at least read the story's description RITE NAO! :<

Oh well, time to play the waiting game. Until then, keep an eye out and I'll keep working on chapter one!

(I'll leave you guys with the cover so you have something to look forward to )

Cosplay at the Riverside, CA Lunar Festival 2013

Who's from Southern California??? :D

I was excited when I saw that a few of my friends on Facebook joined the event Cosplay - Riverside Lunar Festival 2013. Now I finally have an event I can attend in order to start my cosplaying comeback. After a brief fling with cosplay back in 2010, I've never been able to get it completely off my mind, especially since I have so many friends that do it.

The festival is on January 26th and starts at 11am. I'll definitely be there with my boyfriend and a few of my friends. And I'll be cosplaying as my character Seven, who is the main female character of my comic I'm working on (Comic Cover Sneak Peek)

Pictures will definitely be taken, and I'll be looking forward to updating my world with some of them