Fire Fox Sakurie~

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Gosh, been a long time since I last updated, huh? Well, before I go to bed, I wanted to show you this adorable fan art of my Rinku~~ Drawn by Fire Fox Sakurie~~ You've seen her art around theotaku, and she's one of the many talented artists here~~ Sakurie-chan, lol, you'll hear this a lot from me, but, thx again for sharing this with me, it fills my heart with such joy that someone made a fan art drawing of my characters, I believe, you're the first~ ((I hope you don't mind me featuring you~ ;3 You deserve one, after all~))

Go over and visit her gallery everyone~~ Mai commands you~~ **poke poke** (> w <)

Clickie <3

((I need to check 'em out myself, I've seen her art around theotaku, and for shame, I didn't add them to my favs, shame on me~~ (> , <)o I'll do that tomorrow~~ Bed-time for me~~ xD))

Thx ((again)) Sakurie-chan **hugs** x3