Artists that deserve visiting and who has done my contests, who I think deserves to be featured~

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Birthday gifts~~

'Cause I can't get enough of them~~ xD

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Special thank you to Pochama-chan and Den-chan for drawing such wonderful art for me~ I don't deserve it...(TT ^ TT) Haha, it seems your birthdays are in July, so you can count on a nice drawing from me when the time comes

And Nicole, thanks for the wonderful birthday message, you can count on a birthday gift from me, too. Once your birthday comes around


HMluver, now Denchan~~ That's a cute name~~ x3 Made this cute fire pokemon, like I've said, if there are people who don't like Pikachu, or Marill, there's Faichu~~ ♥ Wouldn't it be awesome if Faichu is real, fire pokemon? That'd be sweet~

Lol, Denchan did such a great job, this chosen as my fav pick~ Awesome effects and a fantastic job creating it~ You should check out her portfolio~~ It's has lots of cute stuff~ Or if you don't somehow don't like cute things, warned~


More artists to be featured soon~