Artists that deserve visiting and who has done my contests, who I think deserves to be featured~

♥ ♥ ♥


One of my other fav entries, hehe, they are really creative, I'd never would think up such a cutie~ Their artwork is very adorable and their style is great, I think they deserve a visit, too~~ Wonderful artwork and a great entry~ ♥


More artists to be featured soon~


Their artwork is really good~~ They made a whole pokemon evolution~~ Very impressive, and their artwork is great, too~~ Worth a visit if you're not too busy, they did a great job~


More artists to be featured soon~~


Soji's entry is really cool~~ Hehe, and so is their art, I believe Soji deserves a visit~ I'm hoping to see more art from them soon, they got a lot of potential and the coloring is very nice~~ Keep it up, buddy~ ♥ ♥ Even you've told me you don't have a scanner, a picture is worth a thousand words~

See the amazing gallery~


More artist to be featured soon~

Thyme Girl~

Did quite an outstanding job at creating pokemon for my contest, whipped out four, incredibly cute pokemon, your creativity is really limitless~~ Plus, her artwork isn't bad at all, very cute and I hope to see a whole bunch more artwork from yah~

Check out more artwork from her over here~


More artist to be featured soon~