My aim with this world is to advertise artists.

I personally met very amazing ones who don't get even a quarter of the recognition they deserve. To fix this, I made a place where they will get attention.

This World will run on Private Messages sent to me. If you happen to come across someone you admire, PM the person to me and I will pick a 2-3 works from his gallery and say a few words about them.

It doesn't mean that popular artists won't be Featured here. If you want to nominate yourself, it's perfectly alright, PM me with your wish. Don't be sad if the person you told me about doesn't get featured right away.

I don't promise this, but once every few days I will post here a piece of work that caught my attention, it's like the Featured Fandom but on a much smaller scale.

Enjoy, and don't forget to PM people whom you think deserve some extra love <3


I'll break the ice with one of my personal favorite artists: icebox270534

Ice has a unique style which I've never seen in any other artists, not even slight resemblances. Images that apparently have nothing to do with each other, create a gorgeous melody when combined through Ice's technique. Master user of textures and brushes I can't help but love every single one of her creations.

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