My aim with this world is to advertise artists.

I personally met very amazing ones who don't get even a quarter of the recognition they deserve. To fix this, I made a place where they will get attention.

This World will run on Private Messages sent to me. If you happen to come across someone you admire, PM the person to me and I will pick a 2-3 works from his gallery and say a few words about them.

It doesn't mean that popular artists won't be Featured here. If you want to nominate yourself, it's perfectly alright, PM me with your wish. Don't be sad if the person you told me about doesn't get featured right away.

I don't promise this, but once every few days I will post here a piece of work that caught my attention, it's like the Featured Fandom but on a much smaller scale.

Enjoy, and don't forget to PM people whom you think deserve some extra love <3

Behind the words

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A very amazing composition by NedzumiNya. She created the perfect gothic wallpaper using fairly simple techniques and just the right resources. The very detailed costumes are enhanced by the book background, that happens to have a great font, fit for the overall atmosphere.


I'm pretty sure most of you seen the awesomeness that is Hetzer.

Traditional written all over the place, no one makes better pieces using a pen than Hetzer. The details and not only, the shadings especially are just perfect. The ones who can make such drawings in Photoshop are talented, but the ones who can do them with a pen are simply gifted.

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live your fantasy.

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Zaku managed to bloom a world of color and creativity using the perfect image with the perfect typography. Not only was the timing spot on, but the simple techniques of color enhancing and the beautiful style of the text turned the original, overpowered by details picture, into a tiny bright fantasy novel world.

Silent Times

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Ritona created many epic list worthy cards, but this one is so good for the season. The pale colors and interesting typography order make this the perfect winter romance moment (even though the original image maybe isn't even for winter).


A person that can make wonders with a brush is vee209.

Keyword being 'brush', because I don't refer to the digital one, but the traditional oil paintings. The way Vee combines the colors and coordinates her strokes, create a delightful harmony or a fierce war. The impact of the painting's message never fails to captivate.

(click the images to view the fan-art)
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