My aim with this world is to advertise artists.

I personally met very amazing ones who don't get even a quarter of the recognition they deserve. To fix this, I made a place where they will get attention.

This World will run on Private Messages sent to me. If you happen to come across someone you admire, PM the person to me and I will pick a 2-3 works from his gallery and say a few words about them.

It doesn't mean that popular artists won't be Featured here. If you want to nominate yourself, it's perfectly alright, PM me with your wish. Don't be sad if the person you told me about doesn't get featured right away.

I don't promise this, but once every few days I will post here a piece of work that caught my attention, it's like the Featured Fandom but on a much smaller scale.

Enjoy, and don't forget to PM people whom you think deserve some extra love <3

Hallucinate by Dark Flame 3479

External Image

The color play and the bubbly, hazy atmosphere prove the title efficiently. Can't help but love the unique image and the way it was improved.

-and the wanting comes in waves

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This is the most unique card I've ever seen. The typography is well thought and the colors are very refreshing. The execution method is superb and makes this card truly one of a kind.

In colors by nightmaya

External Image

I've always loved NightMaya's submissions, they are all perfect when it comes to nitpicky details such as anatomy and shading.
I decided to feature this from her great gallery because the colors are just perfect. You'll notice the attention to every little thing, including his make-up, and the beautiful background. Great colors for a warrior too, it's something unique.

Happy Valentine'sssssssss by UnknownRumors

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Best Valentine drawing ever!

The night takes you away. by dazeandhope

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I really love this card because everything falls into place perfectly. The image itself is interesting, his pose is something I rarely see, because characters are mostly up front. The effect on the text and the texture which emphasizes his sad face make this card truly amazing.