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FEAT. Liana and Rey.

I checked my watch once more seeing what time it was. I had been standing in this dark alley for almost an hour waiting for my acquaintance Tobi to arrive, but there was no sign of him yet. I was beginning to think that he had blown me off, but that wasn't like him.

Tobi wasn't the type to call me out here and not show up, so I wondered if something had happened to him?
No Tobi was really careful, so that couldn't be it.

I stayed close to the shadows as I looked around to see if I spotted him. I didn't want to be seen in this area since it wasn't really a place where “Owned” Hybrids were welcomed.

I planned to wait fifteen more minutes before calling this meeting to an end. I hope Tobi would show up by then, or at least contact me if he didn't make it in time.

I patiently continued to wait, glancing at my watch every now and then counting down the minutes until I had to leave. Once time was up I started to walk a way from our meeting place, feeling disappointed and kind of worried that Tobi hadn't show up.

I wondered if he had run into trouble like Animal Control , Rebels or Alphas? This part of town was crawling with them, which made it unsafe.

“Hmph you remind me of that Rabbit from Alice in wonderland, always looking at that watch of yours.” I paused and quickly turned around to see Tobi jumping down from some emergency fire stairs, landing on his feet.

“Tobi! You're late!” I said as I quickly walked back toward him.

“Yeah, yeah I know House Pet, I ran into some....problems. Sorry I'm late.” He replied as walked toward me.

“Don't call me “House Pet” My name is Liana.”

“Right, sorry force of habit.” Tobi said as he leaned on the wall. I took my place next to him and glanced at him through the corner of my eye. His clothes seemed ruffled up and he had some scratches on him, I wondered if he had gotten into a fight. I wanted to ask him, but I know he wouldn't tell me.

“You really shouldn't really be here, it's not safe you know.” Tobi spoke as he shoved his hands in his pocket and looked at the ground.

“It doesn't matter. I need to get things done, do you have the information I requested?” I replied to him.

“Hm, Right to the point huh.”

Tobi straighten himself out and faced me. I couldn't really read him, his expression was to static.

“Look Liana, I couldn't get the information you wanted. To get it, I have to dig deep, really deep and when you dig too deep, you bring attention to yourself and then things get ugly, really ugly.”
I remained quiet, letting Tobi's words sink in. I didn't really understand what he meant, but I felt that I had caused him to get into trouble.

“Tobi, did my request get you into trouble?” I asked. Tobi didn't say anything, but I could tell that maybe I was right.

“It doesn't matter Liana, I'll try to figure this out later. I think it's best you head home now. There's things going on right now and I can't really talk to you.” Tobi said. He seemed really upset and I wondered what was troubling him. I wanted him to tell me but I didn't want to upset him more then he already was.

We stood quietly in the alley when Tobi suddenly shoved me into the ground and through himself on top of me.
“Sshhh, don't move and be quiet.” He whispered as bright headlights flashed into our direction. My heart was beating fast as I realized that it must have been Animal Control or somethings worse.

“Liana we have to get out of here now. Animal Control is patrolling this area capturing any Hybrid Stray and taking them into custody. “ Tobi said as he got off me and helped me to my feet once Animal Control left.

“ I don't want those fools to confuse us for Alphas so we're getting the hell out of here. Come with me, I know some short cuts we can take to avoid them.” Tobi grabbed my hand and we hurried out of the area Animal Control was in.
“We really chose a bad day to meet. I'll have to give you that info you wanted later.” Tobi said as we hurried through the shadows.
We were passing by another alley when I saw some Officers surrounding a Dog Hybrid. I knew she would get into a lot of trouble especially after I watched her attack them when they tried to grab her. Without another thought I stopped causing Tobi to almost fall.

“Hey what are you doing?”

“We have to help her!”

“Are you kidding? That mutt's doomed. Let's go!”

“Tobi she's a hybrid like us and I don't want to see her get captured!” I shouted as I ran toward her direction.

“Dammit Liana, you're on your own then.” Tobi hissed at me and disappeared into the shadows. I know I had impulsively decided to help this girl, but I knew I just had too. I knew the consequences for attacking a human yet alone an officer and maybe I was being selfish but I didn't want to know that I had just witness someone go to their end.

“There you are I can't believe you snuck out again!” I said as I got closer, “I'm sorry officers, she's our family dog.”

“That's your dog, where are your tags” He replied. I calmly followed the officers instructions and showed them my tags. My owners were pretty well known and I hoped that my Tags would be enough for them to leave the Dog girl and me alone.

“Hm seems legit” upon hearing that, I moved toward the Dog Girl and grabbed her arm. I thought that showing them my tags made things all good, but that's not how things work and I really should of known better.
The Officers were still going to arrest the Dog Girl and I was probably going to be arrested to for not being at home.
“I'm sorry Officers.” I said as I pulled the Dog Girl making a break for it. I heard the officers shout for us to stop but we continued to run.
Hoping to loose the officers I lead the Girl dog through a lot of alleys. I didn't really know where we were heading, but I hoped we could escape. Eventually I lead us to a dead end, and before we knew it we were surrounded by Animal Control.

I just made a mistake. I should of just listened to Tobi and had left with him. I wondered what the Dog Girl was thinking? She probably thought I was being foolish. I probably just caused us to get into more trouble by running.

Everything was happening so fast that I just couldn't keep up with it. The Dog Girl and I were put into a van and we were heading to Animal Control Head quarters.
I remained calm on the outside just sitting there watching the Dog Girl beat the walls on the Van demanding to be let out. My ears drooped as I felt guilt build up.

“This is all your damn fault! I would've been just fine if you wouldn't of interfered!” The Dog Girl shouted as she grabbed me by my collar and rammed me against the wall. She made my hat fall off and my hair got loose. I noticed her watch my hat fall to the ground then she looked back at me with a stunned look.

“You're a girl? Ugh....” She let go of me and dropped to her knees almost as if she were in pain. I noticed her grab her side.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

The Dog Girl reached over to me and yanked my ear pulling herself up.

“I'm Fine.” She grunted as she took her seat on the other side of the van. I picked my hat up and placed it n my head, then focused my attention back to the Dog Girl. I watched her lean back on the van's wall and close her eyes.
“My name is Liana De'laGaurdia. What is your name.”
The Dog Girl open one eye and looked at me and replied “ My name's Rey.”

So her name was Rey. I wonder what she had been up to before we ended up getting captured. I don't think she really wanted to talk so I didn't pursue the conversation.
I looked down at the ground and wondered what would happen to Rey and me once we got to Animal Control Head Quarters?
I recalled Tobi saying he didn't want us to be confused for Alphas but at the same time I don't think he would want us to be confused for Rebels. I think I would be okay since I was owned and the De'La Guardia's really cared about me, but I wondered what would happen to Rey? She didn't look like she was owned and judging by her actions earlier she might have been an Alpha or Rebel? In the human eyes either one of those was bad.

“Hey Rey. I'm really Sorry.” I said as my ears drooped down. Rey didn't respond to me. I know she was probably still mad at me.

The rest of the ride was in silence, I blankly stared at the wall wondering if I'd ever even get the chance to know what Tobi had found out.

The van suddenly came a halt causing Rey and I to fall out of our seats. We heard lot's of shouting and the Animal Control officers getting out.

“What the Hell is going on?” Rey said as she got up and tried to look out of the small window at the front of carrier.
I wondered the same thing. I wondered what was happening outside.

to be continued.....

It was fun writing this post but I'm a little confused on something. I feel like our characters are already suppose to be either an Alpha or Rebel and I kinda just thought that we were going to be recruited so I wrote my post like this and I am hoping that the rebels are going to come in and bust Rey and Liana out or something.

I am open to roleplay with anyone who wants to use Liana. I'll see if I start planning my next post and hopefully Liana will be in the Rebel head quarters or something.

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