Artist Proflie: Aryia

Dear Otaku's! This world seems really helpful and I'd be honored to become a part of it. I'll hopefully make some tutorials/guides of my own to post here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :3

~Country: Europe
~Current age: 22

~Anime/Manga: Shingeki no kyojin/Attack on titan, Bleach, Hunter x hunter, seirei no moribito, hikaru no go.
~Favorite Genres: Strategy, fighting, romance, adventure, fantasy, comedy

~Video games: pokemon on gameboy? XP

~Art style: Realism & anime
~Favorite tools: Wacom pen tablet & colored pencils. Programs would be photoshop for wallpapers and SAI for art + now discovering Krita for art.

~ About me: I'm quite a social person and I love to meet new people and start long conversations - although I'm not extremely outgoing :P I love a good board-game with housemates, cooking, photography, drawing, dancing, hula hoop, watching series, listening to music, taking care of our veggie garden. Also very important to me is my boyfriend, with whom i've been for 2,5 years <3
I'm currently enjoying making wallpapers and experimenting in different art programs :D