Artist Profile: LGA775

Hey everyone^^ I finally joined this wonderful world Of Jen^^ Most of you already know me so I guess i can just go on with My profile hehe...

Country: South Africa
Age: 28..(I feel Young)

Anime and manga:
There is alot of anime that I love such as Naruto is on top of my list..and the list go one like DagonballZ, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ah my goddess, Angel heart, Bleach, A little digiman when I was younger, I liked pokemon as well but now not so much, spirited Away, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, Black Butler, and alot more..

Art Style:
I'm all about traditional All my art is pencil drawn..I started with only grey pencils a few years back but later improved in my colouring and from there Most of my drawing is coloured..sometimes its lined and sometimes its lineless..^^

Art tools:
My most used pencil in my pencil case is Steadtler colouring pencils..I also use Derwent drawing pencils, Faber Castell pencils, Colleen poly coloured pencils, and Rolfes Forest coloured pencils..Erasers and my finger to shade my drawings..

About me:
I started serious drawing when I was about 20 years old but I also drewed in High school just for fun but my drawings sucked back then.Ever since I watched Naruto my love for anime grew even bigger, and so in my art as well. my passion for drawing fades from time to time but after a few seconds here on theO my inspiration keeps crawling back after I watch at all the talented artists on this site ..The first drawing i ever posted on the net was around 2002 when I thought my art was good enough to post..I never really had anyone to teach me how to improve so i did that all on my own but did took a few tips here and there...I love all kinds of art no matter how it look or who drew or painted it...I admire every artist good or bad becuase I know they all worked hard in what ever they drew or painted..No matter how bad a art piece may took to someone els but to me its not just a piece of art but a master piece we all have the ability to improve..

I can also paint but I have no income for something that expensive since canvas is not cheap here not to mention the paint all thou i only need 3 colours Blue, Red and yellow..Luckily black is cheap..