Artist Profile - Elricbrothersfan

Profile pic to come!

Hi there!
I’m elricbrothersfan, otherwise known as Elricz or Elric-chan. I’m super excited to join the Artist Cubby after having being invited by MangaKid.

A little bit about me:

Country: USA
Current Age (Jan 2013): 15

Anime/Manga: FMA, FMAB, MGL Nanoha, Nanoha A’s, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Solanin (a lesser-known fave of mine), Ouran High School Host Club, .hack//SIGN

Video Games: Pokemon Pearl, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, Emerald; Style Savvy; Nintendogs; Crossword DS

Art Style: Traditional, occasionally I go digital, but not often
Favorite Tools: Ticonderoga pencils (which I am infatuated with, they are SO amazing!), Artist’s Loft colored pencils, cardstock

About Me: I only really got into anime last December, after having watched all of FMA and FMAB. I stumbled across theO whilst Googling fanarts, but didn’t sign up for a few months. I am SO glad I did! Though I haven’t posted a lot of my artwork (I’ve got major confidence issues), I love getting feedback on my artwork. I’ve begun to exit my comfort zone by drawing and submitting more, and I hope to always improve!