Pen Tablet Question

So, I have finally decided... It's about time... I get a Pen Tablet again XD

Poochy. Again. Really?

;a; Yesss! The last one I got was very small, cheep, and was too hard to draw on.

But anyway, I've asked this question a few other times, but I don't (think) I (or anyone else) has asked about them here.

SO, from the stuff that I've gathered, get a Wacom Bamboo of some sort... Yes.. But.. But... There are so many to chose from! Are there any recommendations? And regardless of me having one a few years ago, I'm practically new to it all.

I guess what I want to know is, like... What kind do you have? Do's and don'ts that I should be aware of. Stay away from *blank* or check out *blank*

Oh, and also, do you know what kind of price range I should be expecting? ^.^; For like a fairly good one anyway. (I was guessing $150ish, but is it more like $250? x-x;;)

So far I have looked at Wacom Intuos 5, Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet CTL471, and Wacom CTH460 Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet.

Any guidance would be welcomed haha