Painting 1 Class

Hey guys! Rose here i'm finally posting something again! :D

But any who let me tell you guys what I had to do in my painting 1 class

My very first painting in the class was a still life. I had to choose what I wanted to do so I did fake rats on a plate with cupcakes. It was actually a blue cloth background, but I changed to red. The reason being behind that is to show dominance with the fat rat on the plate saying "These are mine cupcakes MWAHAHAHA!" while the tiny white is starving. The shadowing I did for the background is made up of red, blues, and purples, I did not use black for it. Also while i made the cupcakes I used blue, yellow, and red, you can actually see them in the cupcakes if you look closely. I did this painting with acrylics But here's a link to that painting for you guys to see if you have not already.

My second painting I had to do is of my cat name Molly. I had to do a different color scheme to it. Making it seem like this painting is tripping out! This was a large canvas that I had to do it on (I forgot the measurements). I did the background with warms colors red, yellows, and oranges. At the very bottom of the painting I had to cast a shadow underneath Molly, and I just used a blue color to do that. For my cat I did her in cool colors. Sadly I messed up with her whiskers, I am planning on fixing them soon! I just need more paint >.< but overall i really enjoyed doing this painting. I did this painting with acrylics Here's a link to Molly if you have not seen this painting yet.

My third painting I had to do was a landscape painting, and I had to make sure this was my picture that I took of for the landscape. You have no idea how many pictures I had to go though of mine to find this one. While doing this painting I wanted to cry, I had to ask for so much help since I didn't understand how to make the painting seem like it has depth in it. The fact that I had to use oils for this painting I didn't like it so much. But really I learned a lot from this painting and I hope you guys enjoy it. Here's the painting that took forever and it was on a somewhat small canvas.

The final painting I had to do for my class was an abstract painting that was inspired by an artist. My artist that I based this painting on was Jackson Pollock, since he did thick paintings with splatter paint and drips of paint that's what I wanted to do, but in my style. I really love this painting and I had to base it on my emotion or an emotion. Which was love and my feelings that I have for a special someone. (my man lol) This painting just has layers and layers of paint and it is bigger than me. So i hope you guys enjoy this one too because I really love it. This painting will be going to art shows and should be hanging up in my house soon. Here's the link to the painting if you have not seen it yet.

What I learned in painting 1 was a lot, I had to love things that I didn't like doing (oils). So I don't completely hate it. Oh yea, note to self keep paints lock up even during break time. I had two of my beautiful colors of paint stolen from me and they were brand new I only used them for my final painting. It really made me mad, I thought we were all adults! That's a lie. But really if you can you should take a painting class, even though it does cost a lot to get supplies. I spent over 200 dollars for my supplies.

But I hope you guys enjoyed this and I really loved my painting 1 class. :)

Love, Rose ♥