Stages of my Art

Hey, MangaKid here!
Just a quick process post on how I made Temi's prize, a drawing of a group of her zodiac OCs :D
I usually do all of my marker drawings this way, or else I switch do marker before using multi-liners for the line art.

First, I do a sketch with pencil... I find that the sketches that I originally do for the purpose of inking and colouring end up being really messy. I get anxious to start inking/colouring and begin to rush xD
You can see how bad the top sketch looks O_O Scorpio is the only character in this sketch who looks most like the finished character. Everyone else was scribbled.
After that, I do the lineart again on my marker paper and work on defining the details in pencil again. Sometimes I'm still not sure of some poses, so I'll work on the ones that I am certain of and then slowly move along. Its kinda like warming up by starting with what I'm confident with^^
When I'm done doing the second pencil sketch (not shown, it was the base for the line art), then I ink it. After inking it, I erase the pencil underneath. If there are any un-sure parts, then I leave them as long as I can (i.e. Taurus' hands were left to the end.)
Then its straight to the colour! I'd have taken separate photos of the colouring process, but with copics, I get too absorbed or need to work fast before anything dries since it may start to streak with additional layers.
At the end, I either colour in a background or add one digitally. This time, I added an already-made bokeh texture which I found online.
And after some touch-ups on, I'm done! :D
Finished work HERE! Enjoy! ^///^

Any questions or comments are welcome^^ Thanks for viewing!