Stage 3 to Final

Well hi guys, I am back!
Sorry for the Delay guys, had some problems but theyre over so you will be seeing more from me.

So the next steps will go down to the final one. As you can see basically I just repeat the same shading process but with darker pencils and smudging with tissue along the way. The hair (hair, eye lashes & brow) was done with a mech pencil. Its important to go in on direction when making each hair strand. External Image External Image

Then next three parts are focused on the hairs and lips, I go over the hairs with darker tone pencils to give it thickness and the final part I go over it with black coloured pencil crayon. Sharpe thin lines are drawn for creases in the lips and lightly shaded, The lip is a very delicate part to do, which involves alot of lines while shading and leaving small spaces for light areas. And oh yea the crayon is just for the hair and not for skin lol.
External ImageExternal Image External Image External Image

Well the ending result is satisfying, however when looking at it I see alot of mistakes, like the shading lines were done too disorderly from the begining and th repetition shading , the eye make up was done too wide, shading missing in the white part of the eye, and the lips could have been done properly, those were the obvious for me. I f you see more please point it out.
Ill be doing a next time line art before the end of this month. Thanks for reading.