Tiger Shirt Design Process

Hey! MangaKid here!
Its been a while since I've done a process post here and I owe some people ones that I've promised^^' This is one I believe byakuyarox1 talked to me about a long time ago... how to paint designs on shirts!

Before getting into manga/anime, I did lots of shirt designs which ended up not turning out too well xD but it was fun!

I use a certain type of paint called Scribbles 3D fabric paint.
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You can buy a lots of different colours from Michael's Crafts store... There's also a Tulip brand that is very smooth on fabric so I recommend that type as well. Fabric paint should never wash out after 72 hours of letting it dry. Certain weather like cold wind will make the fabric crack. Washing in machines in warm or cool water is best, but never put your shirt in the dryer after painting your design on it.
Any shirt/fabric should work to paint on, but the shirts I find easiest to paint on is the Jerzees from Michael's. Those shirts aren't super absorbant or thick so the paint goes on well^^

Here is the process of a recent tiger design I did for my sister's friend's b-day:

1. I used a copy of my pen tiger drawing and actually flipped it (not seen here) so that I could put some paint directly on the paper+drawing and press it down onto the shirt for guidelines.
2. First a coat of white paint goes on. (Btw be careful what design you want to do on your shirt depending what colour that shirt is. A black shirt will make it more difficult to do certain designs because the paint won't show up if you paint it on with brushes.) For this step, I used some paintbrushes to smear the fabric paint. Make sure your paintbrushes go into water immediately after+during use or else it'll dry hard!
3. Then the black stripes go on, straight from the bottle to fabric so its more thicker.
4. While waiting for the black to dry a bit, I worked on features like the eyes and nose.
5. I finished up with building more white fur and cleaning up the black stripes by putting paint straight onto the fabric. The paint brush helped to smear paint and do details.
6. Finished design^^

Hope this inspires you to go try some fabric art... You can even paint on shoes, bags, hats, ect. Just make sure to let it dry for 72 hours before washing and do not put it in the dryer anytime or the pain will melt O_O
Thanks for reading this post and i'll answer questions in the comments^^

-Manga <3