Artist Profile: Itachisasuke

Heyo all~!

Finally posting in here >3<
First off, thank you to Jen for adding me as a guest poster! As well, thanks to everyone who has posted in here, many of them have all helped and inspired me along my art path.

Alright, so introduction part.
~Country: Canada ;D
~Current Age: 19

~Anime/Manga: I know a lot, so I'll just list the ones I really love! >3< Library Wars, Special A, Fruits Basket, D.Gray Man, , Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Runnoi Kenshin, FMA, Death Note, The Nightmare Inspector, Code Geass, Ouran, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Code Breaker, Psyren, La Corda D'oro, Dear My Girls, Arisa, Twin Spicia, Shakugan no Shana, Record of a Fallen Vampire, and Barajou no kiss! XD

~Art Style: Traditional & Digital
~Common weapons on the paper: pen (for sketches), mechanical 0.7 pencil, pencil crayons (crayola usually), GIANT (white) eraser, paint (occasionally), Bamboo Wacom tablet (with photoshop and Sketchbook Express). On rare occasions I try clay/plaster, pointillism, woodwork and 3-D origami [Er, that's an art right?]:3

~Miscellaneous: Erm, I've been drawing ever since I could remember. I started out with stick people (don't we all), then I really dove into drawing animals (especially horses and dragons). I also enjoy drawing different types of animals (and tend to create hybrid animals X3). I think I went on to drawing animals until mid-grade 9 where I was introduced to anime/manga. I then rapidly drew in the manga field. I've been producing tradition manga art from then on, and it was not until this past December where I've started in the digital field. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to improving! :D
I joined theO in 2008 (not really knowing what it was) mainly to print out pictures and draw them. Not until 2010 did I return to start posting. I've met some really amazing people that have inspired me to continue with art. ^__^ And I believe that I will only continue to learn more~ :D Hope you've enjoyed reading this!