Profile: SuperAnimegirl33

Hi, I'm SuperAnimegirl33 but feel free to call me Bri :) I have been drawing ever since I can remember and have drawn anime over the past year. I love to watch many animes and read mangas. My swag is colored skinnt jeans, many types of t-shirts, and hoodies. I also wear alot of makeup and like my hair to be cut short :) I love to listen to music (ALL THE TIME), drawing (obviously), and video games.
Age: 18
Location: United States
Television: House, Storage Wars, South Park, Family Guy, Sponebob Squarepants
Music: Rock, Metal, Pop, Jrock, Jpop
Skillet, Lady Gaga, Buck Tik, SID, The GazzetE, Eminem, Ke$ha, P!NK, The Pretty Reckless, Nightmare, Maximum the Hormone, Kalifina, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy
Anime: Kuroshitsuji, Kuroshitsuji II, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ultimate, Angel Beats, Darker than Black, Rosario + Vampire, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, and Digimon
Manga: Bleach, Trinity Blood, Hellsing, One Piece, Kingdom of Hearts, Gaukun Prince, Ramna 1/2
Art Style: pencil, ebony, black gel ink pen
I will give all the advise and tips I can :)
Laters! <3 Bri