Artist Profile: Hackerblackrose

Hello Friends and Otakus! ♥
I saw this world all thanks to Mangakid who's a very good friend to me and i am so glad to be able to take part in this world (i'm so sorry that it took me forever to even post my profile since i've been so busy). Most people on here who know me call me Rose, not hackerblackrose which i based it on from .hack//sign :D

~Country: United States
~Current age: 20

~Anime/Mange: Fruits basket, Cardcaptor sakura, chobits, LIFE, Vitamin, Limit, Kitchen Princess, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight rayearth, Magic Knight rayearth II, Nana, Clover, Hidamari Sketch (sunshine sketch), Instant Teen, Yume Kira Dream shoppe, Aishiteruze Baby, me and my brothers, Kamikaze Katio Jeanne, Hibiki's magic, Alice 19th, Missing Kamikushi No Monogatari, Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody, Songs to make you smile, Tokyo Mew Mew, Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode, Time stranger kyoko, FLCL (fooly cooly), .hack//legend of the twilight, Pixie pop, Confidential confessions, Imadoki nowdays, pita ten, I.O.N, AIR, Clannad, Air gear, Princess Ai, Futari Ecchi (warning this is for more mature people), Kyou Koi wo Hagimemasu, Honey x Honey Drops, Dear school Gang Leader, and that's pretty much it these are mainly manga books that i have read, the LIFE one has a real acton drama that i have watched before which was really good but not as long as the manga is.

~Favorite Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, ecchi, shoujo, shonen, it's more on the romance/ love with drama maybe some ecchi that i prefer more to read but i do like some action, i really love the magical girl genre too.

~Video games: Soul Calibur series, Dead or alive series, Catherine, Tales of series, Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Mario Party series, Sims 3, Legend of Zelda games, pokemon series, Harvest moon, and i think that's pretty much it i do like to play video games but right now i don't have the free time to play them.

~Art style: Usually i do traditional work, sometimes i will color in photoshop and usually i do an anime style and i do realism too i switch from back and forth with the two styles because i can get bored if i do them all the time.

~Favorite tools: I love my pencils that's the best media i am good at, i always need a pencil for any project. i do like the use of pen and color pencils too :) and photoshop is growing onto me i'm actually taking a class right now for it to learn more :) I do like to use paints and watercolors but i haven't had time to paint something.

~ About me: I've been drawing since the 3 grade now from the beginning of pokemon and yu-gi-oh cards. But i have advanced greatly especially in High school my skill level increased so much since i took art classes. I understand how to put a piece of art work together and i learn the basics of art and it just helped me out to improve my skill levels my ideas and compositions. I started out with anime/manga but my teacher challenged me to get into realism and as you can tell i can do that too if you look in my artwork on here. I really love art and people who are getting into it should be passionate about it and never give up on it because than you will have a beautiful talent, sometimes i can't believe the drawings that i drew sometimes because i improved so much. I'm a really happy go lucky girl, i guess you can say i am a girly girl sometimes and i can be lazy! XD I like theotaku this is my main website for artwork since it is a very fun loving community and i just love it here. I hope to get to know more of you guys on here. That's really it about me :) ♥ I'm sorry if this is long to read but thank you for taking your time to read my lovely profile ♥