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Hello and welcome to MangaKid and Ikemarth's Artist Cubby!
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This is a world Ikemarth and I have created after our dear friend Angel Satina gave us this great idea! We wanted to create a place for artists to share their methods, experiences, tips/advice, ect. Its like a club in a community where artist friends can join even closer together^^ We will be posting anything such as our own step-by-step process of creating art, tutorials, art notices/progress, cool artistic videos, before and after pics of artwork, and simple tips as well as answer any questions that you post or have! We hope everyone, including us, will learn new artistic ways and become even more creative together as we experience each others' style. For new artists, we hope to help inspire you and motivate you to continue drawing!

Note: Check out the Cubby's sister world: The Otaku Fellowship by Aryia!!
If you are looking for tutorials on how to make wallies and ecards, please visit our friend Aria Sky's cool world The Ultimate Guide to Creating.
And if you're looking for a neat project to do, check out snow fox's Collaboration Nation!
And for additional awesome art tutorials, definitely check out ekaknr's Artist Cafe!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM MangaKid or Ikemarth! We are accepting guest posters, if you feel that you'd like to join and share your tips with the Otaku!

Rules+Guidlines: -Nothing inapropriate.
-We'd like you all to shorten your posts to new pages but you DO NOT have to shorten your profiles. Please post your profiles normally. We want the other posts to be shortened though as it'll be a lot more organized that way.
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-No putting down anyone or making them feel uncomfortable (of course, we're all good friends here so I don't think we need to worry about this^^)
-If you join, you are not obligated to post (even though we'd LOVE to see posts from ya!). Feel free to post anytime or not post at all. The main thing is if you enjoy the club, learn new things, and make new friends :)

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7 step copic process

my 1st tutorial! :D okay here (colors used) (copic colors) 1st- slide- e000 2nd-e00 3rd-e11 4th-r20,rv10 5th-bg1...

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Profile: SuperAnimegirl33

Hi, I'm SuperAnimegirl33 but feel free to call me Bri :) I have been drawing ever since I can remember and have drawn anime over the past year. I love to watch many animes and read mangas. My swag is colored skinnt jeans, many types of t-shirts, and hoodies. I also wear alot of makeup and like my hair to be cut short :) I love to listen to music (ALL THE TIME), drawing (obviously), and video games.
Age: 18
Location: United States
Television: House, Storage Wars, South Park, Family Guy, Sponebob Squarepants
Music: Rock, Metal, Pop, Jrock, Jpop
Skillet, Lady Gaga, Buck Tik, SID, The GazzetE, Eminem, Ke$ha, P!NK, The Pretty Reckless, Nightmare, Maximum the Hormone, Kalifina, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy
Anime: Kuroshitsuji, Kuroshitsuji II, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ultimate, Angel Beats, Darker than Black, Rosario + Vampire, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, and Digimon
Manga: Bleach, Trinity Blood, Hellsing, One Piece, Kingdom of Hearts, Gaukun Prince, Ramna 1/2
Art Style: pencil, ebony, black gel ink pen
I will give all the advise and tips I can :)
Laters! <3 Bri

PROFILE (hanatanxpokota)

wait!i pick miharu chibi!from nabai no ou
.yea ok..NOW some things about me....(outline from ike)


anime-kaichou wa maid sama,vampire knight,pandora hearts,special a,shugo chara,blue exorcist,deathnote,nabari no ou,inu x buko,kimi to boku,kimi ni todoke,bokura ga ita,lucky star,clannad,pokemon,ouran highschool host club,fruits basket....i think i forgot thats a lot...what do i do for a living?!eh
k dramas-cofee prince,heartstrings,your beautiful, mind went blank...

games-mw3,call of duty black ops,mario games,kirby,pokemon games.... doesnt seem like much but i do play a lot... 0_0

art style-traditional,copic,paper,pencil

about me

i started drawing anime/manga in 4th grade(2008-2009) and i like looking at the old art works and they are VERY UGLY D:.uhm i got beter but still was not that good proportion wise..uhm 2012 i guess i really like my style a lot better :)
and like 2011 i watched a lot of animes and yea...

music-k pop-cn blue,bigbang,fft island,2pm er 159 pm ,2ne1,jungyong hwa <3,shinee,parkshin hye,brian joo.uhm j pop- super cell,shounen t ,nico nico singers,hanatan and pokota,UVER world!!! <3 <3,utau,vocaloid,kou shibasaki, blahh...drew ryan scott,vasity fanclub,rianah,nikki minaj,drake,lil wanye,new boyz,far east movement...

manga-stardust wink,maid sama,love berrish,okami san,youkoxboku, er..if i continue i think this would be to long...
aditional info-
-im ASIAN!!
-im 12 years old
-i am 5'2
-i like cake
-i LOVE anime
-i LOVE manga
-er..uhm i like to free write
-i hate writing prompts
-in language arts (while making text connections)i relate most of it to anime and manga for some reason
-i LOVE to draw
-i wear glasses
-i have black hair
-i spell a lot of things wrong
-IM half Cambodian and uhm chinese
-i has chinky eyes when i smile -_-
-i squint a lot

Join Up!

Hey Otakus! Time for some advertising! xD If any of you who aren't guest posters to this world, feel free to join us here! You can post anything from tips on traditional/digital art to cool art crafts/videos to tutorials and processes...

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No Paper?

Then use a white board!!!! XD I drew this pic on a mini white board I bought in the dollar store. I then scanned it, which worked alot bette...

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