Welcome to Art Evolution! This is a place to post our really old artwork, look back on it, and see how we've improved.

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  • Include when you made the artwork (approximate guesses are fine)
  • More elaborate descriptions are encouraged, but not required
  • Posting every day is not required
  • Preferably, the artwork should have been made before you joined theO

Story Scenes

These were inspired by later scenes in "Eternal Rain". The writing is a language that I made up when I was younger. Here, I was using it to hide spoilers. (Sometimes, I still use it to write down passwords, so no one else can read them. XD)

Again, this was drawn in the empty spaces of my math notebook, around the same general time as Toki's expression memo (2007). In this drawing, Reka still has that headpiece from his original design that I later discarded.