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My First Attempt at Anime


Soooo this was my first attempt at an Anime art style circa 2002 :D This is the only thing that I have that is not fanart.

"No need to draw hands if the SLEEVES ARE TOO LONG MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA" ~11 year old me

Keba's Debut

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, I present to you my first-ever drawing of my character, Keba.

I know I talked a lot about Keba's origin as an Inuyasha fan character. Her purpose in life was originally to annoy the heck out of Inuyasha and, well, annoy the heck out of just about everyone else. (Just wait until I post the picture of her trying to run Jaken over with a car.) Needless to say, she has evolved a great deal, but she's taken many, many different forms along the way. And I don't mean that in a shape-shifting fox demon kind of way.

This was dated 1-23-02 so this drawing is nearly 15 years old. @[email protected] Dang, that feels like a long time ago.

You might notice some writing on the back of the picture. I entered it into an art contest that my high school anime club was hosting. Didn't win, though. Too bad; I don't think they hosted any more art contests while I was there.

Fanmade PPG

As you could see from last post, I was huge into mon anime and went through a phase where I made tons of my own Pokemon and Digimon.

Later, I went through a similar phase of making my own PowerPuff Girls.

This particular art came from a PPG fan comic called PPG2. In this story, the girls were fighting online crime using computerized personas (CPs) created through tech called the Digital ReImaging (DRIg) System. The art shows the fan PPG and their CP versions.

Fun Fact #1: I later adapted some of these into human OCs. Trinette (clicky) and Rem (clicky) were a few of them.

Fun Fact #2: Sam/Ring is Sam from Medabots (clicky) turned into a PPG.

This pic is also from 2002/2003.

First Anime Attempt

This picture marked my transition from round-headed, rectangle-shaped limbs to an attempt at better anatomy. I remember I did this between 6th and 7th grade, which would be 2008-2009. It took me about three hours just to do the girl on the left. I'm pretty sure I got the pose/hair/expression from a picture on Google (because I was not creative enough to do 3/4 view with a bent knee at that point in time). The head on the right was directly from some picture of anime kid wearing glasses. I thought I nailed my representation of the character to a T when I drew it.
Needless to say, I'm glad to see how far I've gotten since then!

A samurai and some Amazons.

Before I show you guys my first anime drawing attempts, I want to let you guys know that I actually began drawing animal comics. I don't have any of the originals because I think my mom threw them all away. I remember I had done a cat comic that w...

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