okay well i put 5 seconds of thought into this... and Im dropping requests, and doing Art Trades. I still owe people requests from the previous contest (which turned out to be very confusing.) so if ur wondering if i owe u anything then feel free to ask... :]


sup sup! (insert witty comment)

Can't think of a more amusing title. :D but um.... it's getting kinda boring at my house, and theotaku hasn't been much fun. (nah, im half-kidding) so, people, art trades would be fun. :] i need some inspiration cuz im at a huge artist block and cant get out. D: halp!

Hup hup!

okay this is pretty much a list so i can keep track of Art Trades. if ur interested, PM me or comment.
oh, and please don't worry if it takes me a while to get things submitted. im a very busy girl these days. :]

fire.freak - Arai Takameshi X Kiba Inuzuka [Finished]
Troublesum Shika - Matt from Deathnote [Finished]
FrescaBear - Neko boy [Finished]
xPocket MonsteRx - Kotosuke Taremeshi [Finished]
AmberEye - oc's, Lillian and Darleene[Finished]
xXNight-SkyXx - oc [Not started]???
MewChero - Ed and herself [Finished]
FrescaBear - Jacob and Wolf [Not Started(searching references)]
Opalskys - Lelouch and herself [Lining...]
m3ia - Marth (super smash version) [Finished]
vdr-07 - Sawami and Grimmjow [Lining...]
heartkreuz - Tyra and Devon [Finished]
firane55 - Ichigo vs Naruto [Not Started...]
Wakusei Aoshi - [Saki Shimizu]

oh, and another thing. i never ask for perfection. i'll love anything that is handed to me.
All i do ask of you is to not to bitch over the little details i skrew up. it kinda makes me feel like crap, you know. I'm only human and always have some little flaw to a picture.

*AAAh.... Sorry people! I havn't forgot about the art trades, and i swear im not lazy. HUGE artist blocks at times!!!!...
and as for some of the contests, sorry i missed the deadline for some of you's. :[ .... and, uh, if u ever hold another, PM me and yell at me for not being in the last one and i promise i will join! :]

The most expectant times to find my pictures posted would be around the weekends and summer time. ESPECIALLY summer. XD no hockey as much and no school so i could prolly get pics up every other day.
AND if I take over a month DONT hesitate to PM me and give me a friendly nudge, k? you dont have to be too shy or too nasty about it. just be like 'Hey. We made an art trade a while back. Remember?'