DSLRs: A Foray Into Swanky Cameras

What's there not to enjoy about photography? A lot - I hear ya. On the same token, photography is one of those fields of art that is extremely accessible to most people, since pretty much anyone can pick up a camera and get to snapping pictures.

The advent of point-and-shoot digital cameras and ever-cheapening technology has made photography an easy hobby to pick up. But what about those really fancy cameras, the one you see the pros carrying around? What are those, how do I get one - and really, should I get one?

The short answer is no. Most people, in their lives, will be fine with point-and-shoots. They are compact, easy to use, and will serve the purpose the pictures you take on them were meant to serve: to be viewed on Facebook, to be printed as 4x6s, and to give you slideshows for your screensaver.

So who would want a DSLR? Besides hipsters, people who own DSLRs are those who consider themselves photographers and take the art seriously. The capabilities of a DSLR allow the user to make high-quality prints at larger sizes (like poster sized), have more control on their shooting, and grab more detail from their photos.

This post is intended for people interested in owning a DSLR camera. I will be blunt if needed and also not offer the best advice. However, as someone who knew very little about them going into my Introduction to Photography class this past semester, I'm pretty on-level with most of you.

So onwards we go!