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EDITED 6/03/09: I'll probably just put random stuff here. Very random.


So I finally got Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS3!!! I'm so happy! 8D <3

Working on: [DONE]

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I miss you, Wacom Tablet T____T

My life is RUINED without my damn tablet! Stupid Wacom pen broke on me! WHY?! D< I have to freaking use a MOUSE to color my FREAKING DRAWINGS.

Holee...but it did help me improve my traditional drawing skills. Cx Nay, I'm also getting the hang of drawing guys~! YAY! -rejoices-

For some odd reason, I got addicted to Takuma Ichijou from Vampire Knight again. He's such a cutie 8D I'm writing this fanfiction about him and Arisu Mika (my OC, pic available in my Fan Art) titled "Forbidden Romance". Originally, it was only meant as a one-shot, but ppl demanded to make it as a story. :/ LOLz, I only have written 4 chapters so far for it, 2 chapters+prologue posted in And I'm stuck at writing Chapter 4. I don't have ideas yet for that story >_____>

The story link is here, for those who are curious to read it (I highly suggest to read the one-shot first lolz): Forbidden Romance: The Story
One shot: Forbidden Romance: One Shot
Preview manga strip for Chapter 3 is here: [read from left to right]

Yeah...about my doujins...I guess...I'LL UPDATE IT WHEN I HAVE A NEW D*MNED WACOM TABLET. BTW, for those who have Gaia Online accounts, I am open for commissions! 8D


I realized that I haven't been updating much =_____=
I'm failing in school, from 90's to 50's. That's pretty bad. But it's my fault for slacking too much. xDD

Anyway, I want to share with you the project that I have been doing for my Communication Technology class. It's a 3-dimensional project...about trains and stuff. It's pretty kick ass, but the program is lame when your teacher doesn't teach you anything. *rolls eyes*

It's not yet done, but it was due like 2 months ago. xDD (No wonder I'm getting a 30 in that class now.) Here's a snipshot!

Yeah, it's not that good. But please pray for me! Hopefully my jerk-of-a-teacher still accepts it even if it's late. I don't care if he takes off mark, as long as I pass, I'm glad. xD Have a nice day. :3