Many, many thanks to you!
You brought real delight
And helped make my day
More happy and more bright!

Welcome to aremercier! This is a world I created to feature all of the gifts I've received from my friends! I'd like to thank them and remember their gifts fondly, so I made this world so I never forget what those little dedications meant to me.

Thanks much ♥


Gift from itemilicious because I said I liked Kobato's hair!

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Thanks again item-chan ^^


This was a recent dedication by spirited16 for our recent friendship!

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Thanks again spirited-chan ^^


This was a gift from 1dev13 as part of the Secret Santa event hosted by SakuraDust!

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Thanks again Dev-chan ^^


This was a gift from ecnelisterger as a thank you for the subscription and for the artwork I had given him!

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Thanks again E-kun ^^


This was a gift from KrondorianV for just being friends!

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Thanks again V-chan ^^