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i just bought pokemon y yesterday and it is AWESOME :x

sry i have no time to post anymore gotta keep it going :D

Fire Emblem Awakening

i bought fire emblem awakening a few days ago now guess what...
I TOTALLY LOVE IT can't stop playing it ffs it's so addicting...

if anyone of you guys got a 3ds you should totally go and buy that game!

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Attack on Titan!

i started this new anime named "attack on titan" and i gotta say... damn it's really really awesome (probably one of new favs of all the time)

it's a bit brutal and bloody but the storyline is awesome! really interesting i just can't stop watching it (i'm forcing myself to watch only 1 ep a day or max 2)

the story is a about an alternative history in which humanity is almost extinct thanks to some giant monsters called titans who devour humans for fun

you guys should totally check it out!

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Pokemon Y & X Trailer

here you wanted more you get more you can see a bunch of stuff there like FINALLY WALKING DIAGONALLY after all these years i can give more details if you like

Pkm X & Y

i'm so looking forward to pkm x & y ! the game is gonna be legen---dary!

if you like i can post some "spoiler" infos on it... until then enjoy this image of pikachu and eevee's evolutions

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