12,000 years after the fall of Atlandia, humans are living in, well, peace. Until, a shadow angel feather is found. This feather, after being studied, undergoes cloning expirements. It is cloned, and cloned, and cloned, hundreds of times; bringing shadow angels into the world.


Deava welcomes you, new elements! It's up to us to beat the new swarm of Angels. Don't look so discouraged! If anyone can beat them, it's the reincarnation of Appollonius. However, we're a little behind in finding him... You'll have to make do on your own. We have 3 vectors: Psi, Zeta, and Alpha. Which will you pilot?

SC: Caleb, Aizis
Kitsunex7: Izumi, Alek
KX7:Loki, Angela
SC: Lyric, Liral

**Note: This is a joint fan-fic between me and Erin (KX7)
HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EVOL! (except random inserts)

In Which Aizis is Dumb (NOT DONE)


You could cut the tension with a knife.

I’d thought being trapped under ground sucked, until of course when Alek found me. I loved being carried around like a princess, being so close to him made the pain in my ankle bearable. I could tell he was happy to be alone with me too; in fact I’m pretty sure something good would’ve come out of this situation. I saw his mouth open to say something, but the voice that came out was not quite what I was expecting.

"What a relief! finally some familiar faces." Liral

Almost instantly, it was like a storm cloud descended on Alek, He was suddenly moody in short whenever (and if ) he answered. Liral, as usual, played the part of a puppy; trailing after us as though he didn’t notice Alek’s mood swing.

“So…” I spoke, stabbing through the silence before it killed one of us, “Why do you think Fudo sent us down here?”

“Donno.” Alek said, staring into the dark up ahead. I winced at his expression; it was almost like someone he didn’t like stole his food. I’d seen faces like that on Calchi, not very comforting.

“Exercise? Teamwork?” Liral guessed as he slung an arm around Alek’s shoulder, “A chance to bond?”

I saw Alek’s jaw clench and his arms tightened around me. “Yeah.” He spat out. “Bonding.”

Liral smiled, oblivious to Alek’s obvious anger, “Yes! I hope we can be great friends, ones that rival the bonds of the angels!”

I really don’t understand Liral sometimes. He either talked like a preteen, or like someone out of the old writings we had to read. Don’t get me wrong, Liral was already becoming a great friend. He was just… A mystery. Everything about him and his sister was strange. Maybe I should ask him where they were from…

“Yo, Alek.” Liral’s voice broke into my thoughts, “If you start to get tired, I’ll carry her for a bit.”

“No. I’m fine.” Alek replied. I sighed. He was so nice for carrying me, I’m such a burden sometimes. He probably doesn’t want to let on that I’m heavy.

“Alek, really. It’s okay if you need to pass me over to him.” I smiled up at him. I didn’t want Alek to strain himself carrying me, especially because it’s been such a long time. One look at his face told me I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

“Fine. You know what? If you want to be carried by him” He spat out angrily, “don’t let me get in your way!” He quickly dumped me into Liral arms and began to slink away. I was stunned for a second, almost like I’d been slapped in the face. I quickly got myself back, pushed myself out of Liral’s grasp, and limped after Alek.

“Hey, Alek?” I said as I tapped him lightly on the shoulder. He turned slowly to face me. I smiled at him for a second, and then slapped him square across the face. He looked so surprised, as he stood there with his hand over his cheek.

“Don’t you dare ever talk to me that way again.” I hissed through clenched teeth. I could feel hot pinpricks of the beginning of tears poking at my eyes, but I hurriedly blinked them back. “I thought you knew me well enough! I don’t understand why you have to be such an ass over him offering to fucking help you!” I hadn’t been yelling when I started, but oh god was I now.

“Aizis.. Just listen to me for a sec..” Alek asked, pleading with his hurt little puppy dog eyes.

“Oh, so NOW you’re being nice? Is that it? No. You listen to me, I don’t know who pissed in your oatmeal this morning, but if you think for one second I’m gonna let you treat Liral like that you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Oh. So you are on his side.” His eyes narrowed accusingly. This definitely wasn’t the Alek I knew and loved.

“Sides? What are we four?” I couldn’t hold my tears back at this point, and really I didn’t care too much anymore. It hurt either way. “You know what? I’m done. Good bye.” I stalked (well, more limped) into the dark of the tunnel, aiming for the closest passageway to me, walking right past Alek. He grabbed my hand to stop me. And wouldn’t you know, it almost worked. I paused a second, then shook his hand off.

“Fuck you.” I muttered, praying that neither of them followed me as I flung tears out of my eyes. When I figured I was out of eyesight, I leaned against the wall for support as I walked; a little less stress on my ankle.

I’m not really sure how long I walked for. It hurt to walk, but the pain distracted me enough that I didn’t have to think about what had just happened. I was in way too much of a predicament to worry about sobbing all over the place. After a while, I kinda decided to screw the whole operation. I was alone, lost, I felt so conufsed, so unhappy, so betrayed, so…

“Dammit!” I screamed as I slammed my fist into the wall. I wasn’t even sad anymore, I was angry and disappointed. But not at Alek, of course not at Liral. It was me. I was such a baby, crying and yelling, and fuck I even slapped him! I sank down to the floor, leaning my head against the wall.

“Good lord strike me down dammit.” I mumbled under my breath. Maybe if I’m lucky Fudo push me down another hole, and I won’t have to exist anymore. Alek doesn’t need any more of my problems. He should find a girl who doesn’t complain and/or slap him.

“You really fucked up this time bitch…” I shook my head. “And now you’re wallowing in your own self pity. Perfect. A plus.” I stood up shakily, and without even consciously realizing what I was doing, I started back in the direction I came from. go apologize, go apologize, go apologize a voice chanted in my head. A voice I knew…

“Dammit Sylvia. I’m going. Sheesh.” I muttered. I don’t quite understand why she was hanging around in my head, but if the 12,000 year old lady tells you to apologize, you darn better apologize. The journey back to where I’d left Alek and Liral felt a lot quicker than it had leaving. I quickly scanned the room for any signs of blood and death; By the lack of either, I’d say Alek hasn’t murdered Liral yet. I hopped around the room, checking if there was any hints to which was either (hopefully Alek) had gone. I paused in front of one entrance; Alek had definitely gone this way, no doubt in my mind about that one. Using the wall as I crutch, I started to enter in the blackness. That is, until I hear the all-too-familiar sound of arguing coming down the tunnel to my right.

“Why don’t you accept it and just be chivalrous for once?!”

“Chivalry is dead. And I’m plenty chivalrous dammit!”

“Izu? Calchi? Is that you?” I called out. Not like anyone else could argue the way those two did, but with Fudo on the loose who knows who it was.

“Aizis!” Izumi ran to where I was, quickly followed by Caleb. “Are you alone? Where’s Alek?”

I pointed down the tunnel. “Thataway. Liral’s down here too, but I don’t know where he went.” Caleb started walking in the direction I pointed

“Well? Let’s get going then.” I called over his shoulder. Izumi and I started walking after him, although I ended up lagging far behind. I tried, I really did.

“Aizis, we’re not getting any younger up here.” Calchi’s voice floated back from ahead.

“Yeah, I know. I’m trying.” I called back, stumbling a little over a rock in my way. “Shit..” I muttered, or thought I’d muttered, because all of a sudden, Izumi and Caleb were back at my side.

“Oh Aizis.. Did you hurt yourself again?” Izumi asked, sliding her arm around my back to hold me up.

“A little when we fell in. I’ll be okay, I just have to go slow for now…” I trailed off as Caleb dropped down on one knee and gently grabbed my ankle.

“It’s pretty badly swollen. I don’t think it’s broken, but I’m no fucking doctor.” I couldn’t exactly see what he was doing down on the ground, but by what I could feel I think he took off his hat. “Izumi, think you can do a little more of that snap-crackle-pop action? I can’t see a damn thing.”

“I could, but it really wouldn’t help us much. I’d need like some kind of wood… I’d be able to make a fire if that were the case.” I felt Izumi shrug. “I don’t know if there even is any down here…”

“I’ll look.” Caleb grumbled. There was a loud scrabbling sound, followed by the crack of falling rock and a faint whisper of fuck fuck shit ouch dammit what was that it fucking hurt. Finally, Caleb thrust a plank of wood at me. “Found something.”

“Thanks Cal. Aizis can you hold it really far away from your body? I don’t wanna risk anything.” I did as I was told. I felt Izumi’s hand clamp onto the end of the plank, and a giant flash went through the cave.

“I gotta admit, that’s pretty fucking handy!” Caleb chuckled. In the light from the now-burning plank, I could see him slowly unwrapping his hat.

“Huh. I didn’t know you could do that.” Izumi commented, resting her head on my shoulder to watch.

“Aizis, take off your shoe.” Caleb ordered as he finished disassembling the hat. I did as he told me, and he began wrapping the cloth around my foot. “Let me know if it hurts, okay?”

“Is he being… Nice?” I whispered to Izumi, hopefully low enough that Calchi didn’t hear.

“You’d be surprised. He’s got his moments, aside from the times he’s an insensitive blockhead.” She whispered back with a little laugh. Strange, I wouldn’t have expected that answer. It made me wonder just where her and Calchi were; before Izumi wouldn’t have said something so nice about him. Insensitive blockhead? She’s losing it.

“If you chattering monkeys are done whispering about me, we should probably get moving.” Caleb muttered, standing up. He brushed of his hands and smirked cheekily at us. “Ready?”

“Yessir!” I affirmed, shaking all of my Izumi confusion out of my mind. I had some problems of my own to deal with. Like Alek. And Liral. And strangely, a 12,000+ year old woman bossing me around.

“I’m good. But Cal,” Izumi began. When did this “Cal” thing start? “Do you think you could carry Aizis or something? She might slow us down if she walked.” She winked in my direction, and in response I mock punched her in the stomach.

“Not a problem.” He agreed, crouching down to my height. “Hop on.”

I nervously glanced at Izumi. I’m not sure why, probably looking for approval? The whole Alek situation had me so anxious. She looked at me confused for a second until she realized what was wrong. She nodded, obviously trying to hide her laughter from me.

I sighed and hopped onto Calchi’s back. Life was so confusing.


I'll do some Caleb and/or Lyric next!
please don't hate aizis she's innocent and dumb

Romantic Side Story 3~


“Cal.. You look way too uncomfortable..” Aizis commented, and I knew she was definitely right. My tie was way to tight, and this suit reminded me why I hate shirts so much.

“It’s this damn party..” I growled, worming my finger between my neck and tie to loosen it. “Who the hell’s idea was this anyway?”

“Apparently it was Fudo’s.” Aizis replied. “I heard he has a few days a year where he’s sane-like today, the anniversary of Apollo’s death. It’s only a rumor, but supposedly it’s become a tradition.” We started walking as the hallway got crowded. It looked like everyone was excited for this party, all dressed up and shit. I couldn’t see it being any fun, but whatever I guess.

“Whereare Izu and Alek?” Aizis stood on her toes, trying to see over the crowd. I glanced around too, but didn’t see them anywhere. Huh.

“Maybe they’re both just taking forever to get ready or something.” I mumbled. I looked Aizis over for the first time. She did look amazing in some sort of floor-length dress. I imagined Alek’s reaction when he got to see her, and almost choked laughing.

“Calchi, are you okay?” She looked sort of concerned. And then her eyes got wide and she yelled, “OH MY GOD. YOU’RE CHOKING. GET YOUR TIE OFF. NOW. CAL YOU’RE GONNA DIEEEEEEE!” All the while pulling on the tie around my neck.

“Aizis.. I was.. laughing.. stop. You’re. Making. It. Worse. AUGGHH!” I yelled back. Oddly enough, people didn’t really stop and watch. I guess everyone got used to Aizis by now?
After a few minutes of struggling, I felt Aizis let up. Thank god, I thought, straightening up. But she didn’t let go herself, Alek had grabbed her hands off of my neck and were holding them at her sides.

“Uh Aizis.. Why were you strangling Caleb?” He asked, looking over her shoulder with a mixture of confusion and.. Anger..?

“He was choking.” She said, pouting a little. “I was trying to save him.”

Alek looked down at her for a second, and burst out laughing. She looked a little lost for a second, and then joined in his laughing. I just sighed, I’ll never understand these people..

“HEY! Everyone!” Someone yelled from up above us. We all swiveled our heads to the origin of the voice, the balcony. Oh, it was just the twins. Lyric looked mildly less pissed off than usual, although compared to her dorky, frantically-waving brother, it wasn’t much of a change.

“HI LIRAL!” Aizis waved back, equally as spastic. Alek looked livid, and I noticed that his hand, which was still wrapped around Azis’, tightened possessively. And I could see why as the pair moved toward us- Liral pretty much looked like he belonged in some magazine of gorgeous people. Do they even have those?

“You guys look amazing!” Aizis gushed as the twins reached us. Liral positively beamed at the compliment; Lyric looked like she couldn’t care less. Although she did look great, I’d never actually seen her look.. pretty. But it really didn’t weigh much to me; there was only one girl I was interested in seeing tonight…

“Hello elements!” Fudo boomed from the front of the ballroom (which I never knew we had, but whatever.) “I hope you all enjoy yourself tonight- 12,000 years ago a hero sacrificed himself for not only the world, but the love of his life. May you all follow in his footsteps, become the greatest elements you can.”
Most of the room clapped for him, although most just looked bored- speeches do ruin everything. With a wave of his hand, the band off of the stage started playing. He turned expectantly toward us, except we pretty much stayed where we were.

Then all of a sudden, we saw this little blonde head prancing around the dance floor with some tall black haired kid.

“Geez guys, loosen up and have fun!” Aizis shrieked, laughing hysterically with Liral as they badly waltzed all over. Everyone exchanged looks, and slowly friends, couples, everyone got up to dance or eat. Myself? Well fuck yes, they had nuggets, so I was set. Alek however, was not.

“Really! What does he have that I don’t?!” Alek snarled, watching Liral twirl Aizis around.

“Honestly dude, I think they’re just friends. Go ask to cut in or something..”

“I couldn’t!” He shook his head, “I;m sure she likes him anyway..”

“Are you really acting like a bitch?” I glared at him, “Get your ass over there and fucking steal her away. What good are you doing sitting here?” Not to mention, your girl is here.. Luck bastard..
He nodded, determined. I watched him walk across the dance floor and say something to Liral, who nodded enthusiastically and passed Aizis’ hand over to Alek. There was not much else for me to do, so I just people watched. Some recruits asked me to dance, but I declined. There was someone else I wanted to dance with…
Finally, I got sick of watching Alek and Aizis have a little love/dance fest, so wandered out of the room. Seriously, where could Izumi be? She’d said she would be coming yesterday.
I decided to check her room, maybe she overslept? I took a shortcut through the building, somehow ending up in a long, dark dining room.

“Shit.” I muttered, feeling around for a light switch. Finally, my hand brushed against one, and I quickly flicked it upward. Instead of turning on the lights, it turned on the… candles? All of the candles in the room burst out in flame, helping a little bit with the dark. I sighed in relief; that is, until I noticed the shadow in the corner.
“Who the fuck’s there??” I gasped, pretty scared shitless. The shadow moved into the candlelight, and I caught my breath. Izumi.
She looked amazing. Unlike Aizis, her dress went only halfway to her knees; the reflection of the flame danced across her. I was about to tell her how great she looked when the giggling started. I jumped back in shock, running into a chair at the table. Fuck.

“Izumi.. What in the hell are you doing?” I asked, laughing slightly. If her goal was to scare me, she did a pretty fucking good job. I couldn’t see her face under the shadow of her hair, and she just wouldn’t stop laughing. I started slowly backing up, trying to get the hell out of there. But Izumi slowly started walking toward me, swaying a little with each step. I hit the wall behind me hard. I glanced away from her for a second to see how far the door was. Shit. I won’t make it there… Then I froze, feeling her breath on my face. I turned my head to find her only an inch or two away from my face. She was grinning like mad, her body shaking from the intense laughter.
Then, all of a sudden, she collapsed onto me. I caught her before she fell, hoisting her up so her head was on my shoulder.
“Caleb.. Help.” She whispered into my ear. I glanced down at her.

“What the hell were you doing?!” I demanded, “You freaking scared me to death.”

“I.. Don’t know. It comes.. and goes..” She gasped. I felt her shaking in my arms- she was completely freaked. The Izumi I knew would never act this vulnerable in front of me.

“You’re okay now..” I sighed, stroking her hair. She calmed down a little bit, and she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Thank you Caleb.” She said, squeezing me into a hug. “I was so terrified.” I looked away, damn she was so cute..

“Ah!, Caleb can you hear the music?” She asked. I strained my ears until I heard it, faint, but still there,

“Yeah.” I replied, sliding my hands around her waist and pulling her closer, “Wanna dance?” She smiled shakily in reply.

“I’d love to.” The faint tones of the band flowed through the room as we swayed to the music. She sighed into my shoulder, the events from a few minutes ago forgotten. She lifted her head up and locked her eyes into mine. I smiled, tangling one of my hands into her hair. She stretched up on her toes as I leaned down.

And it was pretty much the best end to a hellish dance.

Well, Fudo's crazy had to go somewhere, right? XD

Romantic Side Story 2


"Aizis, slow down!" Alek's strangled voice floated up from behind me, "you really shouldn't run yet!"
"Catch me if you can slowpoke!" I yelled, laughing as I sprinted down the hallway.
"Really Aizis, you're gonna hurt yourself!"
"Don't worry, I'll be fi- AUGH!" I shreiked as I fell and tumbled into a wall. Damn leg...
"AIZIS WHAT DID I TELL YOU OH MY GOD WE SHOULD GET YOU TO A DOCTOR MY LORD WHAT IF THEY HAVE TO CUT IT OFF NO WAIT DON'T THINK ABOUT THAT AHH!" Alek burst out as he crashed to a stop next to me. I sighed through the pain in my leg, and tried to push myself up; my leg hurt so bad!
"Hush, I'm fine." I gasped out through my teeth. Urgh, why didn't I listen to him?
"Aizis, you idiot... you're pretty obviously NOT fine." Alek shook his head. "Up you go, I guess" he reached down, and hooked his arm around my waist.
"Ah!" I yelped as he scooped me up in his arms.
/play it cool Aizis.../
Obviously my brain and my face didn't agree; I could feel my traitor cheeks turningA red that would make tomatos jealous.
"There. Now let's get you to the doctors and..."
"No." I mumbled into his shirt. "No doctors."
"Uh.. then where to? I guess..." He shifted me up a bit, thankfully taking care not to jostle my leg.
"Let's go to the library!"
"The.. library?"
"ONWARD, SUGARCUBE! The library!"
Alek walked on toward the library, and my little aizis brain decided I should enjoy myself why it lasted. So I threw my arms around his neck, and pulled us closer.
/I feel like a princess. I'm fucking princess Aizis, bow down to me my subjects or I'll throw you in the dungeoun, mwahahaha! Cowar before me!"
"Aizis?" I glanced up at his face, noticing the little blush that was going on. Should I be ashamed of the triumph I felt?
"What's up?"
"How're you feeling? Are you sure it's not to early to be out of the med center? I mean Izumi's still there.."
"Izu's in worse shape than I am." I replied. "I'm fine, you worrywort. I'm just sorry you had to carry me..."
"No, i-I don't Really mind..." there was a little awkward silence, but I realized that we were right outside of the library.
"Wait." I said, and climbed out of Alek's grasp. I limped over to the wall and gasped. "Ah, I love this!"
On the wall was a GIANT tile mosiac, apparently made by Fudo before he went crazy. It's pretty expansive, but my favorite part has apollo and sylvia in the center, with apollonius and celiane behind them.
I reached out and placed my hand over the spot where apollo's met sylvia's, and apollonius' met celiane's. My eyes closed reflexcively; the picture always made me feel so peaceful. Of course, until something touched my hand on the wall. My eyes snapped open to find Alek's hand closed over top of mine. And something, the combination of the two former reincarnations, and then the two of us, made everything more... beautiful. I sighed, and turned to look back at him.
His other hand reached out to push a strand of hair out of my face, and then lightly grabbed my chin. I fullyspun around and stood up on tiptoe, and then he leaned towards me and it felt right and I closed my eyes and-
"AHHH!" Alek jerked back.
"WHAT?!" I gasped, and then looked down where he was gaping.
"Er.. is that frog.. floating?!" I stammered, staring fixedly at the stuffed animal hovering a foot or two off of the ground. it looked as though it was walking somewhere.
"Do you hear that?" He whispered. At first I heard nothing, but then a soft sort of singing met my ears.
"Oh shit. GET IN THE LIBRARY!" I shouted. He quickly grabbed me up and sprinted the few feet into the building.
"It's... real..." I gasped out, pretty freaked out.
"What.. are... you... talking... about?" Alek asked between breaths, I guess I'm harder to run with than I had thought.
"Hang on.." I said, hopping to one of the bookshelves. I swung up the ladder and pulled a thin book off of the shelf.
"Here." I said as I plopped at a table.
"Myths and Legends by Andy W. Hol...?" He read, "what about it?" I flipped throughThe pages until I found the story I was looking for.
"It's about a girl who's ghost wanders deava with her stuffed frog doll. She apparantly was lonely, and one day just disappeared." Alek skimmed the story and glanced up.
"Wait, so you mean we just saw a ghost?"
" 'fraid so."
"This is crazy. If I hadn't seen it too, I would've thought you'd overdosed on your pain meds."
"Well... I'm pretty sure I've done that too.."
"They're too colorful to only take one!"
"Aizis!" He shreiked, and practically dove over the table to grab my hands, "I promise from this day on that I'll take care of you!"
"I mean.. uh.. I'll make sure you don't do anything to hurt yourself.." he stammered, scratching the back of his neck.
"Alek, you're so cute!" I said, laughing. He blushed, and I laughed even harder. I squeezed his hand and said, "thank you. I can take care of myself, but it's good to know you're looking out for me." He smiled and said,
"Anything for you."
Dammit Izu, get better so I cAn talk to you! WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?!


And yeah xD

Romantic Side Story 1

"HA!" i crossed the finnish line a split second before cal, and promptly floped into the grass beside the track. "AND THATS HOW I BEAT YO ASS IN 1600 meters!!!"
"REMATCH! you barely won! ill beat you this time, lets go for it!" my friend yelld, red-faced.
"you kidding me? its 9! im heading in for the night!" i said and stood up, stretching in the warm summer evening.
"fine. TOMORROW then." he growled and stomped off.
"its a deal! cant wait to see your face when you lose!" i smiled. cals a nice guy, but he really does get into it in compitition.
i took a detour to the mess hall on my way to my room. time to raid the fridge...
i entered the dark pantry and stopped.
was that footsteps i heard behind me? i felt around and grabed the door stoper and proped thw door open just in case i needed a quick exit and catiously moved foreward....
I jumped and backed away from the noise, even though i knew the old stoper had just sliped, leaving room in pitch darkness. suddenly i collided with someone. we both jumped and yelled. the otlther personScreamed. Wait.....
i felt around the wall and turned the lights on and nearly had a heart attack. the person in front of me was covered in red...holy shit is that blood??? "Aizis! WHAT HAPPENED??"
" oh my god, alek thank god its just you! i thought i was dead for sure! haha..." i helped her up and nervously checked her over for injuries
"what happend??"
"well, i came down here to find some pop corn....but then i found some chips and salsa, and then i came in here to look for the light switch...and then i bumped into you! why?"
salsa.....i sighed in relief. god now i see it. how the helld i think it was blood. i looked at the floor andall the mess. "sorry about that! let me help you clean up."
we grabbed some towls and set to work. "whats with all the snacks? hungry?"
"nah!" she said as we left the pantry - wed found more chips - "everyone in the girls dorms are having a movie night in the coed rec room. hey! you and cal-chan should come! i think selenas inviting the guys dorm too!"
"sure! thats sounds great. what movie?"
"well we found a cool Looking horror flick and-" she triped over a crumbling spot in the pathway. i caught her before she fell.
"you really need to watch where you're going, klutz!" i laughed, still holding her.
she smiled, giving me a look and about to come up with a come back when a weird look passed over her face and she blushed.
"i just realized youre shirtless....."
"oh..." i hadnt bothered to put it back on after cal and is race.i helped her up and she quickly grabed her chips and backed away.
"well, i, well, go get cal-chan, and, well, ill, um, see you there!" she stuttered.
i watched her retreat, completely confused. then got an idea "hey! since you invited me, we're sitting together, right!?"
her face got redder but she also smiled and nodded, then hurried off.
i shook my head. i have such strange friends!
i set up the movie reel into the ancient machine, and tried to start it up. no luck.....hmmm..
i opened a little hatch on the side and studied the little wires and ancient workings. i pointed towards the degraded looking circut board. with a Sharp CRACK and a small flash the thing finally whirred to life. i smiled, pleased with my work. im getting the hang of this element thing! i spotted aizis sneaking into the room. she had the snacks, but her face was bright red. i walked up to her.
"what happened to you? your face is red....and so are your clothes..."
"well about that hehe....I FOUND THE CHIPS!" she tried to walk away.
"come back you!" i grabed her shirt and tuged her over to a pair of plushy chairs "spill."
"well, i got into the pantry, found some snacks, couldnt find the light, heard a bang, bumped into alek, fell down, got salsa all over, walked a little bit, trippd, he caught me, he was shirtless, i flipped out, im an idiot, then ran away and thats it so kay bye." she said all in one breath and tried to escape.
"DONT YOU DARE RUN AWAY YOU LITTE-" i grabed her wrist and yanked her back into the chair. "so you found alek...and he was shirtless?"
she nodded.
i smilled at her. GOD! she likes him, but shes just too oblivious! "so....does he have nice abs?" i asked, smiling. theNice shade of red on her face told me yes. Oh my god why arent these two canon!?
"aizis!" a voice called from across the room. aizis smiled and waved at the guy. oh, right. liral. hes totally into aizis and its soooo obvious, but once again: SHES OBLIVIOUS. but maybe hes why shes so unsure about alek...
i sighed. im no good at this relationship stuff. i mean i have like no expirience, and who'd i ever date around here. for some reason an image of caleb flashed across my mind. FUCK U BRAIN WTF!!!
im pretty sure my face looked pretty odd at that point cuz aizis got all concerned. "are you ok, izu-chan?"
"yeah, im fine!" i said, sounding too happy and trying to laugh it off. "the real question is, did you invite him?"
"he already asked me to..."
"i said yes?"
"GOOD!" i heard the door slam and saw alek and caleb had just got here.
time to start the party!
"AAAAH!" yeah that film? TERRIFYING. i jumped and saw aizis, sitting near me do the same.
caleb, sitting on my Other side, snorted.
"scared?" he asked.
"yes you ass!" i hiss back, i could hear the air close to my ears snapping with static. he did too.
"kay, ill shut up. dont wanna piss of the drier sock." he laughed.
i ignored him. vaguely, over the movie, i heard the low rumbling of thunder outside.On screen, the murderer approached the closet where the main character was hiding....
"ah shit..."
"what?" caleb glared critically at the screen, "this isnt scarry! we all know whats gonna happen! its obvious!"
"its still scarry!" i argued
"WAAAAH!" i jumped and aizis screamed again, i loked over and saw she was holding alek's hand.
yes!!! i cheered silently then relized....shes holding one of lirals too....WHYD I LET HIM SIT NEAR HER DAMN IT!?!?
next to me caleb laughed again. "are you kiding me? thats not scarry in the least!"
"ha! let me guess, youre not scarred of anything right?" i asked critically.
"nope." he bosted.
suddenly a huge flash of lightening appeared outside the window, flooding the room with bright light. on screen the murder was rushing towards the screen, bloody knife outstretched. a clap of thunder followed, so loud that the building shacked. at the same time a power surge blew out the bulb on the projecter shattered, the last image bfore it flashed off, was the murderer's half melted face...
"AAAAHHHHHH!""HOLY SHIIT!" caleb jerked out of his seat and stumbled in the sudden darkness, all around us, people were crying and freaking out, i could hear alek and liral both freting over aizis who seemed to be hyperventalating...
i sighed. "hang on everyone, the power just went out...." I reached over and unscrewed the lightbulb off a lamp and poured some of my powr into it, it flickered to life, casting a dim light over the people crowed in the large room.
"hey!! SHES NOW SHES AN ANGRY LAMP!" caleb yelled
"SHUT UP YOU ASS!" i punched him.
"AIZIS!!" a panic stricken liral yelled. I walk over and looked at her.
"calm down. shes fine, i think she just...fainted" i almost laughed. my god thats so like her.
"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!" someone's scream echoed down from the hall to the girl's dorm...
"was that selena?" alek asked.
"i think so...." i said worriedly.
caleb stared worridly down the hall, and looked at me. "well you coming?"
"we cant just leave her on her own, you have the only light, and im not letting you go by yourself" he said andGrabing my hand, he pulled me down the hall way. i turned back around "find some matches everyone, girls, stay out of here untill we get back!"
we moved caususly down the corridor, "i thought YOU were your #1 priority. why r you so worried about her?" i asked. i dont know why the thought of him really caring for selena bothered me...
"no, thats true." he said. typical. "but thats also why i gotta go see whats up. itll look bad if i let one of my class mates get herself murderer while im arround" arrigant little...
well, maybe thats a lie. i guess every1 has a heart, right?
we reached the dorm rooms. "now what?" i asked.
"we search every1 untill we find her" he said, pulling me towards a door way.
"hey! would you let of me now?"
"no! youre my flashlight. Im not lettin u wander off!"
we searched every room we came across, but still no sign of selena...."Do you hear that?" i asked. we stoped moving and listened....
footsteps...and something else...
suddenly something slammed into me. i stumbled back and droped the lightbulb, which shattered.
"whos there!?" a panic stricken voice asked from the darkness.
"selena!" i said, "its izumi. and caleb. we heard you scream....what happened?"
the other strange sound got louder, it was an odd chirping...or squeaking.
"oh no!" i heard selenas footsteps retreating down the hall.
"what is that?" caleb asked.
a swarm of red glowing eyes appeard above us, wing tips brushing my hair and caleb cursed about nearly losing his hat.
"run!" i squeaked and we set off, following selena. i think i got alittle turned arround because soon i was in a large empty room i didnt recogize and could barely see. and felt the walls and walkd around untill i found another hallway. i heard footsteps and fliped, images of the movie's murderer dancing in my head. i ran and soon collided with someone.
"ow, shit!" i fell to the floor and sundenly some1 turnd on a flashlite "Watch your step, young element." Fudo. Looming over me. With a flashlight held right under his chin, like a child will do when telling scarry stories, casting crazy scarry shadows over his face.
i did the only thing i could think of. screamed and ran like hell. fudo followed me, saying some shit like "see BEYOND the darkness" and suddenly i heard caleb's voice. "izumi over here!"
he grabed my hand and pulled me down a side hallway. he stoped sundenly and turned around and i heard him mutter "telekenisis!" i heard a pair of doors slam, then the sound of someone hiting them at full sprint.
"i dont trust that sound, the bastards crafty..." i said and we backed away from where the door were in the dark hall....untill suddenly the floor disapeared.
i screamed and caleb tried to catch me but he was falling to...
next thing i knew, we were on the ground, i was on top of him and...
the lights turned on.
alek's voice called from the circut box in the rec room. "hey i got it, liral go get everyone from the cafe! we can..." his voice trailed off.
caleb &I jumped up and apart.
liral: "did they just...kiss?"
"NO!!!" caleb and i both screamed.
"it was an accident!" i stuttered.
"you kidding me? no way! never!" caleb yelled.
" it was an accident!" i felt myself go bright red.
alek and liral just stared. then smiled.
"riiiight..." serena said from across the room, having found her way here already.
"what ever you say" alek said
"SHUT IT YOU!" caleb yelled.
i glanced at him. he was looking away, avoiding eye contact, blushing just as much as me, then he looked over too....
and sort of smiled.
"GOOD NIGHT" I squeaked and moved quickly towards the girl dorms.
suddenly i heard a groan behind me. aizis sat up and looked around, taking in every's expressions, calebs face, and me retreating into the dorms.
"what'd i miss?"
~ hehe i just liked the idea of them geting into a situation like apollo and sylvia in the vector in that one ep...
these two<3 disfunctional relation!!!(i can imagine aizis after hearing this: "izu and cal-chan sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!")

Contemplating Donuts

"The vectors are docking!"

As soon as I heard the alert, i was out of my seat and running out of the control room.

Two humans? Emerging safe and alive from a cherubim soldier? But no shadow angels in sight. No effing way. I had a really bad feeling about this. I joined the throng of my fellow elements crowding the launch room and struggled my way towards the figures emerging from the vectors.

I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, "Caleb, Alek, Aizis, what the hell..." I caught sight of the strangley clothed new comers and my mind went blank for an instant. I stood there like an idiot, looking around and wondering what I'd thought was so damn important, like that feeling you get when you walk into a room and forget why you're there. Then i saw the twins again. "Wow," I took in their strange appearance, "I thought we picked these guys up from a robot, not a time machine!"

The two looked really uncomfortable with their new surroundings. The girl looked at me strangely, "A what?"

"Izumi, whats the matter?"

"Huh?" I looked at Caleb like he was crazy.

"You seemed freaked out when you came in here," Aizis looked at me, concerned, "Are you running a fever or something?" she felt my forehead checking for a temperature.

"No, crazy, I'm fine," I slapped her hand away and turned my attention once again to the strange pair. "Hey, welcome to Deava. I'm sure you're pretty shacken up, but you're safe now."

The guy nodded his thanks. "I'm sure we are...thank you."

Silence. Ok this was insanely awkward. I still couldn't shake the feeling i was forgeting something...

Just then Selena got there. "Hello. I'm Selena. I'll admit, we're all a bit flustered. It's not everyday we pull a pair of people safe and unharmed out of an enemy vessel," she smiled, all sugar and sweet. God she kinda made me sick sometimes."And you too are...?"

"Oh, excuse us. We must seem teribly rude," The girl stepped foreward with a plastered smile, matching Selena's tone. "I'm Lyric. This is my brother, Liral. Thank you all soooo much for saving us! I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't shown up!" she sent a huge smile alek and Caleb's way, and I wathed this whole specticle, gritting my teeth. How FAKE can you get? It made me sick! I hope Caleb wasn't falling for this crap!

The boy, Liral, shot me a look and I gasped. What the hells wrong with me!? Maybe I'm just feeling bitter because I hadn't been chosen for the mission...yeah thats it! I felt really bad for taking it out on them, even if it was only in my thoughts. I stepped foreward.

"Its the least we ould do, believe me! it's our job! Hey, Lyric, let Selena and I show you to the girl's dorm. You can get cleaned up, and we'll find you some real clothes!" I offered.

"Different clothes would be...nice." Lyric said.

"Liral, we'll take you to the guys dorm to do the same." Alek offered.

After that, things moved so weirdly fast. We thought the two would be relocated to a civillian settlement somewhere. But then there was talk of puting them through the element test. They were schedualed for testing in the morning. After we'd dressed the strange pair in normal clothes, we all gathered in the lobby of the guys dorms and (unofficially) interrogated the new guys. The two's story was incredibly uninteresting, they had some memory loss and couldn't tell us how they ended up in the cheribum soldier or much about their pasts at all, eventually the conversation boiled down to small talk. The entire time, I nocticed Caleb looked incresingly aggitated....

That night, he even skipped dinner. Now that was strange.

"Hellooooo!" Aizis waved her hand in my face. "are you ok?"

I wasn't listening again. I just kept thinking of Caleb. Usually I'd just shrug it off, I mean whats that ass got to do with me? Today WAS a weird day though...

I stood. "I'm going for a walk."

I eventually ended up standing at the edge of this quiet pond. I'd never been here before... I heard someone walking up the path behind me and hid. It's Caleb....I smiled. I have an idea...

"HA!" My little stunt ended with both of us splashing around in the pond, laughing. He climbed out and offered to help me out and...I let him. We stood there at the edge of this peaceful spot, holding hands and smiling like idiots. I don't think I'd ever had this much fun with anyone ever.

"You know what? You're actually kinda nice when you want to be."

"Huh. Look whos talking, and aren't I always nice?" he smiled again.

I decided to keep being nice, and not answer that one...We sat at the edge of the pond, our feet dangling in the water like you see little kids do at pools and just talked, neither of us had decided to stop holing hands.

"That reminds me, why are you here? At Deava. I mean, all of us have a story i guess, whats yours?"

"Well, I have to warn you, its not a very happy one..." I admited.

He squeezed my hand and smiled. "They never are, are they?"

I blushed and looked away. "It was my sister's tweenty-first birthday. She was going away to school the very next week, she'd been waiting for this chance for years i guess. We'd been together, inseperable, since we were kids. My dad walked out on us after I was born, and mom was constantly busy, working two jobs to support us, so my sister eventually gave up on school, got a job, and basically raised me. She was my sister, mother, and best friend all in one. then she got an offer to go to this big fancy university, so for the first time, she was leaving me. We sorta got into a fight about it. She was talking about how happy she was to be finally free and I was so selfish ...I accused her of abandoning me. I wasn't very nice to her, I can tell you that much. we were both crying so much and saying the worst things to one another, and i didn't even notice when she stopped talking. I didn't notice anything untill she left the room. I realized the whole house was quiet, like someone hit the stop button on my life. I caught up to my sister, grabed her and turned her around..." My voice felt stuck in my throat. Caleb's hand tighten around mine again.

"The eyes, right?"

I nodded, leting the memory of her blank stare fill my mind. "I noticed i could hear some faint music, and then she turned and kept walking like i wasn't even there. I followed her outside, screaming at her to hear me. I could hear the harvester ship's engines above, and then all i remember is a bright light and i passed out. I woke up in a ghost town, houses and roads were smashed and burned like a huge battle and raged around me. One night shattered my life, destroyed my home and possessions, and killed my closest friend. As i walked through the wreckage, I caught sight of the vectors passing by over head. When a search and rescue team finally found me, I asked them about the vectors, and one of them pulled me aside and told me about Deava, she got me into contact with the right people, and now here I am, less than two years later."

I glanced at him again and realized how close we were. This was actually pretty nice...

"Love," Oh. Dear. Sweet. FUCKING. GOD. We jumped turned our heads slowly, fearing the worst...Fudo was right behind us. Leaning uncomfortably close.

"UWAAAAAAAAAH!" we both ducked as he toppled over us, he was still tied up.

"IS FORBIDDEN!" He managed to squeeze out before his face hit the pond, he splashed us both with freezing cold water.


"L-love!" I looked at Caleb, at how close we were, at how we were still holding hands. Then i noticed something else. Water. Caleb had thrown me into the pond. My feet were still in said pond. I was soaking wet...oh shit. I could feel my fear, and my power, rising

"WAH!" We both kinda leapt up and away. "C-caleb WHAT THE HELL! I'm FUCKING SOAKED!" Damn it! I could already feel the static building up around me. Stop thinking about it, idiot!

"You pushed me in first!" he accused, not looking at me.

"Yeah! Only 'cuz you were such an easy target!"

"Easy target! I'm a victim here!" he shot back defensively.

"Yeah right, asshole!" I said turning, trying to hide my blush. Yeah, ok. I'm the bitch here, but I really had to get out of here.... I started to walk away.

"Hey! What the hell are you-" he reached out to grab my arm, so i did the only sensible thing here. Pushed him back into the pond.

"What was that for!?"

"Oh dear god..." I was only paying attention to the figure rising out of the pond....the one covered in...seaweed? Does that stuff ever grow in ponds? It looked like a swamp monster. "Uh...Caleb!"

He looked behind him. "THE FUCK!"

"THE BRINK OF LOVE! THAT IS THE KEY!" Swamp-monster Fudo walked towards us, flailing his arms.

"RUN AWAY!" I bolted.

"GOD DAMN IT! WHY ME!?" Caleb scrambled outa the pond and did the same.

Oh, god. I thought as I ran. What if I'd shocked him! with all that water around, it would have been bad...

And LOVE? Me and Caleb! What were we even thinking! No way is that ever going to happen!




"Ahhahahaha!" The lovely beautiful sound left my mouth and filled the whole room with it's radiance, straight up to the valted ceilings and eching cornors. I swished my hand through the pool water i had in the bowl, and the images of my two kin walking amoung the wingless creatures in their beautiful, but outdated clothing replayed.

What fun! With this scheme of theirs, I can kill two birds with one stone! we will finally be rid of the wingless one's nusance, Deava, and I now had a way, through these two, to reach the wingless ones and have a little fun...

I laughed again, allowing the lovely sound, like verses of the unverse's most beautiful song, to fill the cavernous space.

"Loki," Angela's silent voice cut through my lovely music, and i could feel that my fun would have to be postponed for the moment.

"Yes, my plesent cousin?"

"What you did was a cruel joke. You could have put our plans in jepordy! It might have juined everything!" She said grumpily.

"Oh but it didn't, Angela dear!" I stepped past her, uninterested in what else she had to say, and sorted through my beautiful wardrob. I'd been wearing this outfit for far too long...I was tired of it already, "Learn to have fun!" I added.

She stepped foreward and slapped the lovely purple shirt from my hands, "Take this seriously would you!?" She silently warned. "Two of our own have infultraited our enemy! This is our chance. We cannot offord to screw this up!"

"Calm down, the last thing I want to to screw up- OOh! look at this!" A lovely shirt caught my eye. "Look at all the feathers! It'll match perfectly, don't you think?" I asked Angela, fluttering my wings around my face.

"GET SERIOUS!" She yelled.

"If this is the kind of support we have back at home, I'm alittle worried about how this is going to play out." Lyrics mental voice cut into our discussion.

"Oh, wonderfull! More kill joys to ruin my day," I hurried over the the bowl full of water and saw my other cousin's face wavering on the surface. "Nice set up you have here. One day you and Angela just HAVE to sow me how you do this, darling."

"Cut the crap Loki, that was a foul trick you played." Lyric said iritably.

"Oh but dear sister, it was so fun!" I said, waving an arm dramatically and collapsing into a chair. "Besides, you both looked FABULOUS! It just may or may not have skipped my mind that it might be the wrong time period for those clothes..."

"How are things at the wingless one's base?" Angela asked quietly, "Has the infultration been sucessful."

"Yes," Lyric sounded more than a bit smug. "They've taken us in and we passed their entrance tests easily. They are powerless against Liral's powers."

"That might not be true." Liral's voice came over the connection. I pulled myself up and strolled over to the bowl.

"Why is that, brother? Are you too weak to overcome their pathic, ugly minds?" I sneered.

"It works on most of them, but there are a few here i worry about."

"Who?" Lyric asked.

"The girl in the wheel chair for one, i don't think she suspects but i can't influence her either. Theres also Fudo..."

"HE'S STILL ALIVE?" I asked, horrified.

"Yes, but the old bats senile, he's no threat to us." Lyric said confinently.

"I wouldn't be so sure..." Liral said worriedly. "I'm also concerned that one of those elements too, his mind seems awefully hard to influence, and it seems like he's able to fight it...

"Don't worry, he won't interfere." She assured. "he cannot see our wings, right?"


"Then we'll just have to use our words to fool him. Now that we're in, we can begin our plan."

"Erasing the events of 12 and 24 thousand years." Angela whispered.

"Simply trying to make them forget is so BORING," I complained, "And even if they do forget, they can still fight us! If we want to stop them completely, we must also make them incapable of piloting that giant metal death trap."

"How do we do that?" Lyric asked, "Sabotage?"

"Emotions. Their Aquarion is piloted mostly by their emotions. We must find a way to bring these wingless ones' truely ugly sides to the surface, then they'll be unable to fly, let alone merge!"

"But they cannot be openly hostile towards the wingless ones," Angela-missy-OBVIOUS started

"Thats why you get CLOSE to them. Pay attention you two," I start, walking towards the room's exit, "The wingless creatures have a habbit of...pairing up. Get in between their relationships, and you'll see some VERY ugly emotions."

"Fine. And Loki," Lyric called after me.


"Don't touch the pool. leave that to angela."

"Of course, DEAR sister." I left those three to talk privately. I'd lost intrest in speaking to them. Actually, I think i'd lost intrest in following directions as well. I approached the pool and sat down, my mind forming beautiful designs and plans. Its time for me to have my fun with the wingless ones, but i'd rather not have to go down and walk in their hideous towns. I fear not even armor could protect me from their ugly pressence.

Now, with all these options, i wonder what I should do first? Laughing I plunged my hands into the water and set to work.



"Hey!" I greeted Cal as he trudged across the track. Some random ass grounds keeper got in his way, and nearly tripped him with a broom.

"Watch it!" He snapped at the odd man as he shuffled away. Why was this guy sweeping the track anyway....?

I shrugged it off. Oh well. Deava sure does employ a bunch of nutters. "Well, I guess I'd be wasting my time saying good morning, huh?"

"Oh, yeah? Whats good about it? Damn" Cal said grumpily and yawned.

"Late night?"

"Yeah, and it-" Cal stoped and squinted across the feild, where the girls were making their way over. "Hold that thought, I'll be right back." He stomped over towards Izumi(I knew for a fact Aizis couldn't be the victum of his wrath this morning), and I followed. Hopefully I could keep the peace...

"YOU!" He pointed accusingly at Izumi. "Whats the big idea!?"

"Huh? You need something, Cal-chan? Can it wait, its too early to deal with your bull." Ouch. Whats got her in a mood? Wait. Who else? I looked at Caleb.

"NO! You left me for dead last night. I had to run like hell from that crazy old Fudo! AFTER you pushed me into the pond again!"

"Again!? The first time doesn't count. Neither does anything else that happened. Huh! How'd I ever fool myself into thinking you were nice?"

Caleb was fuming. I slaped my hand on his shoulder. "WEELL, this is fun and everything but aren't we supossed to be-SHIT" I ducked as something wizzed over my head and nailed Caleb in the temple.

Aizis picked it up. "A...donut?"

We all looked to our right. The random ass grounds keeper was there, still sweeping the track, but no one else was in sight.

"Oookay." Izumi looked around. "I know hes gotta be around here somewhere, but where is he?"

We all looked around warily. Aizis started towards the grounds keeper. "Excuse me, Mister, have you seen the comander around today?"

"Bros before holes, young Elements." He said, his voice was VERY familiar... Fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck! ITS HIM! I hurried towards Aizis. "Aizis, thats-" Fudo turned around, weilding what looked like a pair of garden houses on steroids and my words were cut off in a face full of icey water.

Behind me Izumi screamed and hid behind Caleb, who got nailed with the water.


"What do we do!?" Aizis yelled

"RUN." I got up grabed her hand and pulled her away from the mad commander, Izumi caught on quickly and ran with us, follwed by Caleb.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR??" Caleb yelled at Izumi, "I ALMOST LOST MY HAT!!"

"I didn't want to get sprayed!"


"Well, it wasn't me so yeah! I'm cool with it."


"Why are we all running?" A new voice cut in. We all looked to our left and one of the new guys was running with us. Um...Liral! thats his name. Wow, I hadn't even noticed him come up, or maybe had he been with us the whole time? "Hey, Liral. We're running from Fudo, as usual. How'd the test go?"

"My sister and i passed. Looks like we're elements now."

"Congrats! Thats awesome!" Wow, they came here yesterday, from a cheribum soldier no less and they're elements already. Theres nothing wrong with that right?


"Izumi!" Caleb yelled behind us. Aizis, Liral and I stoped and looked back. A hole in the ground had opened up beneath Izumi, Caleb had grabed her hand just in time but he was dangerously close to the edge. And there was also...

"Cal! Watch out, Fudo-" The crazy old comander came up behind him and kicked him, sending he and Izumi tumbling into the void.

"Lets go!" I took Aizis's hand and pulled her away from the ominous pit and the crazy commander. We darted into one of Deava's oldest sections, the gardens, and wove through the maze of flowers and rose bushes. If we can't lose Fudo, at least theres probably no weird tunnels of doom lurking here in the old section.

we slowed down once fudo was out of sight. I smiled at Aizis's awe-struck face as she took in the scenery. I'd been in and out of these gardens so many times they were completely familiar to me, i didn't even the pungent smell all these flowers all gave off at once. but i don't think Aizis has been in here yet.

"It's pretty amazing, huh?" I said quietly.

"Yeah..." she looked dazed, and squeezed my hand tighter as we walked.

"Whats up?"

"I don't know," she looked all around us, studying the flowers and architecture carefully, "It like...deja vu."

she stopped and looked at me intensely, "Alek, have we been here before?"

I was a bit taken aback. "What? here, in the old gardens?"

"Yes! did you take me here during orientation? or maybe..." she looked really troubled.

"No, as far as i know this is the first time i've brought you here. but it does seem...strange."

She nodded and looked at me again, "I feel as though this is familiar, not this place exactly but being here...with you. You know, I've heard people mention that arround here, people from the past come back. Reincarnations. Do you think we could be....or rather we could have lived at Deava before?"

I nodded. I'd heard this too. "Maybe we were both elements here in past lives. Heh, maybe we were even friends at some point over the last 24,000 years...."

"Do you think we used to walk around together like this?" she asked as we started moving again.

I considered the question. "Yeah," i was surprised at how certain i felt, "I think so."


We stopped short, I blinked. A pair of folded hands were suddenly in front of my face. Fudo found us....on the back of the hand i could see was a kanji..

"Forbidden....?" I read.

"LOVE?" Aizis squeaked, looking at Fudo in shock.

"Remember..." Fudo said quietly.

"what?" I asked, feeling like i was missing something.

"REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE STANDING ON!!!! The ground, yet NOT the ground you are standing on!!!" he spread out his arms and brought his hands together in a resounding CLAP!

"Wah!?" the ground under Aizis's feet opened up and she fell.

"AIZIS!" I tried to follow, to try and help but Fudo put out an arm and stopped me. "Why you-"

Before i could do anything he flipped me over his shoulders and dumped me down into another pit. "REMEMBER TO REMOVE YOUR SHOES!" He called down after me as i blacked out...

"ALEK! ANYONE? HEEEEEEEELP!" Aizis's cry woke me up. I blinked away the odd dream of flying with out a vector and taking long walks with a girl with one wing and took off down the stony tunnel.

"AIZIS!" I eventually found her, and nearly tripped over her. she was on the ground, cradling a swollen ankle.

She looked away. "S-sorry. I feel so useless. Here we are all lost and stuck down here and i can't even walk..."

I smiled reassuringly. "No worries," I picked her up, she immediately put an arm around my neck, "I don't mind helping out a friend."

"Thank you..." she rested her head on my shoulder.

Fudo may have trapped us, but now maybe Aizis and i can have a chance to talk more....

"Hello! Anyone here!? I heard someone calling for help," Liral walked around the bend in the tunnel, "What a relief! finally some familiar faces."

....Or not.

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