Aohuraka City #1: The Boy Pleasing The Fighting God

Aohuraka City: The Sleeping Sickness Incident
By Kashirogi

(for those wondering, Kashirogi is my pen name)

Ten years ago, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a battle raged between two rival corporations.

One organization sought to produce a biohazard in order to derive a vaccine from it.

The other sought to end the viral project, which would plunge Japan into utter chaos.

The ferocity of the battle inside Shinjuku, which had been completely sealed off, knew no bounds. But at length, the fighting ended…

…thanks to the efforts of SCARS, or Special Combat and Response Squad, sponsored by the Tsutomu Financial Group.

People do not sense the footsteps of evolved humans creeping within their world. Few know of their existence, and of the raging battles that occur in the darkness to this very day. And people do not realize the ramifications of worlds that were kept completely apart colliding.

The true battle had not ended.

And now, in the year 20XX, in Aohuraka City, Tokyo…

…a town completely cut off by the biohazard, a designated isolated city, the conflict that occurred ten years ago is beginning once again.
It is in this city the story begins anew.

*Part One: The Teen Who Pleases The Fighting God*

Roppongi District, Aohuraka City

Roppongi District. Not the Roppongi District in Tokyo, mind you, but this is a different Roppongi. Normally, the district would be booming with teenagers either fresh from a long day’s at school or juveniles skipping their daily lessons.

But today, Roppongi was unnaturally quiet. There had been talk of a prison break a couple of nights ago in Shinjuku. The nightly news reported that a man fitting the description of Sagara Keiji, a convicted multiple murderer, was seen at Aohuraka Central Station, exiting a train.
Aohuraka Central Station is but a half mile from Roppongi District, so naturally, everyone was afraid to visit their favorite spot.

Everybody except one.

A teenager, who excels at martial arts, as well as scholastics in school, has been called a hero by many of the city’s inhabitants. He alone takes it upon himself to defend Aohuraka City from threats unseen by those outside of the city.

His name is Kagesada Shinnosuke, or Shin for short.
Shin fought things a lot worse than a serial killer, so he was not afraid. He walked down the sidewalk, clad in his black gakuran, or school uniform, listening to his iPod. A nice hip hop song with a soft beat leaked through his headphones as he walked down the street of Roppongi District. Not many people were present; all feared being the serial killer’s next victim.

There was no need to track him down. He could feel him nearby.

His murderous intent felt like a heavy haze on a hot summer’s day.

Shin placed his hands inside of his pockets and turned into an alleyway. As he reached the middle, his song ended, leaving him in silence.

“You can come out now.” Shin said, just above his normal speaking volume. “I know you’ve been following me. I picked up your scent minutes ago.”

As Shin finished speaking, a man stepped out from behind a narrow pillar, a shiv in his hand.

“I could smell you coming a mile away. You smell of blood, fatigue, and fear.”

Sagara Keiji was abnormally large for a Japanese man. He was bald, scarred, and clad in tattered clothing.

“You’re talking like you’re a killer yourself.”

“No, I’m far from it. I just know many things about the human body other people would not know.” Shin turned himself to face the criminal. “Like, for example, if I hit you in the center of your chest with at least five pounds of my weight behind the punch, you would pass out almost instantly.”

The criminal Keiji held his shiv as to incite fear in the teenager. It was a failure; instead, Shin smiled.

“Two choices, Sagara Keiji: One, drop the knife and come quietly; or two, you choose the alternative, and I beat you senseless.”

As expected, Keiji took the alternative. He swung the shiv, cutting nothing but air. Shin ducked without effort, bringing his fist upwards and driving it deep into Keiji’s sternum. The impact alone was enough to blow the criminal into a brick wall. He charged again, only to meet a flurry of kicks, landing in several parts of his chest and face. A powerful spinning back kick resulted in Keiji tumbling to the ground.

Keiji spit blood out of his mouth and looked up from the ground. Shin stood over him, a now serious look on his face.

“It’s over. Come quietly, Mr. Sagara.”

“You aren’t a cop…who are you?”

“I’m just a kid. Now come quietly to the police station.”