Aohuraka City #1: The Boy Pleasing The Fighting God

Aohuraka City: The Sleeping Sickness Incident By Kashirogi (for those wondering, Kashirogi is my pen name) Ten years ago, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a battle raged between two rival corporations. One organization sought to prod...

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The City Of Aohuraka, by Shin Kagesada

This is an introductory letter to those newcomers to Aohuraka City.

Aohuraka City is a city in Western Tokyo, near the coast. A new world. It is also the hometown of me, Shin Kagesada. It seems to be a small city with an average population. It resembles the real world on the surface, and the everyday humans in the city are unaware of the metahumans and spiritual forces that lurk behind the scenes.

There is a clinic, a high school (Aohuraka Gakuen), and a large arcade. The Tsutomu Financial Group found its home here, and even created a special investigative force that looks into matters concerning the paranormal and other things pertaining to metahumans.

I'm no metahuman. But I can fight like one. I'm just a high school student. A very powerful high school student.

The investigative force I mentioned? They call themselves the SCARS (Special Combat And Response Squad). After seeing me fight off an escaped convict, they extended an invitation for me to join. I declined; I have my own brand of justice for those who threaten my city.

Aohuraka Gakuen is the resident high school in the city. I'm a junior at the school and I enjoy the curriculum: Martial Arts and Scholastics. You could learn to fight and get a great education at the same time. Two of my friends attend Aohuraka Gakuen; Koharu Tsutomu, the son of TFG CEO Mikado Tsutomu; and Kuroko Sanada, a bookworm descended from a prestigious clan of Samurai.

The most recent call that the SCARS got was about a sleeping sickness that originated from Shinjuku and somehow made its way to Aohuraka City. I've been asked to help investigate as a temporary agent. Maybe you'll see me around...