Valentine's Post--Kira Style :3


Now, I told myself that I wasn’t going to make a post about today, I really did…but I just can’t help it. lawls Today is the wonderful, St. Valentine’s Day. Or, as others call it “Single’s Awareness Day”. Now, like Twilight, Vday has both lovers and haters, and then the Switzerland ppl who like me are just pretty much thinking “er…it’s just another day”. And yet, out of respect for the lovers, I don’t really want to be a Heart Scrooge and not wish everyone a happy holiday, because face it, a good deal of the population DOES count this as a holiday. This is a day where big things happen. Guys/Girls get the guts to make proposals, or to tie the knot, or maybe just to do something a little special for the one they love. I just want to remind everyone, whether you are involved with anyone or not, that this is not the only day that you have in your lives once a year to get those guts. Tell the one you love that you love them EVERY DAY. And if you don’t have that “significant other”, don’t hate those who do, and sit there being reminded that you haven’t found them yet…be thankful for the people that you DO have in your life. Whether they are your siblings, cousins, parents, best friends, internet friends, pets…it doesn’t matter. Love is Love. IT’s not exclusive to relationships alone.

And so I wish all of you who are dear to me, Otaku Community, a very very pleasant Valentine’s Day and I say this. I love and am thankful for your friendships, every day of the year. Please be safe and happy, and don’t throw yourselves into the pits of depression over a day where tacky hearts full of chocolate actually look really really appealing. ^^’