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01. What's your favorite things about theOtaku?
-Let's see. I love the fact that this site has a community-type feel to it. I have met so many wonderful people, it's incredible. If you are stuck on how to do something, chances are you talk to someone and they WILL help you. In a kind, courteous way, which is really really productive and good on your self-esteem. When I first started walling, I would've given up without all the encouragement/help I received. And I remember and treasure all of it. Thank you all so much! ;w;

02. What's the most detestable things you found in this site?
-Hmm certain size restrictions for the wall submissions. Sometimes I would like to make a widescreen version without a that's frustrating.

03. What's your hope when you subscribe to someone?
-I love meeting new people and making new friends. So when I subscribe, I not only do so because I find their works amazing, but I like to extend the Olive Branch. :) I'd like for people to know they can ask me questions and I'll help them, just like I was helped before.

04. If you're given one chance to change a feature in this site, what would that be?
-Multi-dedications, and perhaps a status/mood listing on the portfolio. Even though you could use that in a blog, it would be a neat feature to show people how you're feeling. ^^

05. Do you like meeting new members, and why is that?
-Sure! Fresh faces are always nice to come across. I love hearing their opinions or giving them a hand using the site. :) Makes me feel useful. *laughs*

06. What do you like most in some of theO members?
-Two words. True.Friends. I have found so many people I can just lean on and vent to, and they'll "UNDERSTAND" me. Not to mention they'll listen. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, and I wouldn't give up my friendships made here for anything. That, and we can be crazy, random, and goof off, and not look insane. *falls over laughing*

07. Do you have something you hate in some of the members?
-I hate flaming. I don't care if you don't like something, you should have the decency to allow people their own opinions. If you don't like it, don't look. No one forced you. I'm just saying...if you have nothing nice/constructive to say, then say nothing at all. It really doesn't help to tear apart someone's self-esteem just because you want to be a whiner.

08. Lastly, what do you think of these questions? And do you hope it was never made?
-This seems like it would be pretty informative. I didn't mind answering it. Gave me something to do while I was waiting. *laughs*

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