Hopeless Distraction

GUYS I REWROTE MY FIC FROM YEARS AGO AND I JUST REALIZED THAT THERE'S SO MUCH TYPOS AND JEBUZ I'M SO EMBARRASSED. ---- Summary: Paperwork was the least of Ishida Uryu’s problems. As a Student Council P...

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My entry for Hulaberry32's Mysteries of Bleach challenge. ~ “It wasn’t your fault.” Ishida told me, sincerity present in his voice. The Winter War ha...

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BattleDome: Mad Scientist VS Mad Scientist

I guess this is my first ever crossover fan fiction. And it's for Ozine's BattleDome section. 8D I sent it to them already. *is hoping it'll get published* >u< It suppose to be longer but I'm worried it might not fit in the ma...

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