Attention Chibis!

Disclaimer: The only people I own in this is Cary, the young psychic and her brother (only mentioned) Channer. All the rest of it, the setting and the characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Author's Note: This is pretty old. Not quite as old as "Bakura's Sanctuary" though. Takes place during the time skip.


It was a dull day at the Konoha Village Ninja Academy . Konohamaru and company were trying to sneak out of Iruka's class yet again. Iruka brained the three of them with erasers and sent them back to their seats. Grumbling, Konohamaru stared out the window. He dearly wished that something would liven up this dreary day. Naruto would be able to make this day fun, he thought, and started to day dream about his idol, currently out training with Jiraiya.

Unknown to him, however something was about to liven up his day quite at bit. Over at the Hokage tower, a young woman named Cary was pestering the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade.

“Listen! All I need is directions to yer village's graveyard! Channer's probably found his way there already, and if I hurry I can get ‘im to finish his conversation and we can go home ‘fore Ma puts dinner on da table! So, can ya please hurry up and tell me?” This was about the 50 th time the impatient girl had said this to the Hokage. Needless to say, it was the straw that broke the camel's back for the young looking Tsunade.

“I have a million things to do! I asked you to wait! If you utter one more sound, I will pummel you into oblivion!” she roared, looming up and cracking her fists threateningly. Cary accidentally “eep”ed. Tsunade smirked and cocked her fist. Cary quickly teleported out of there. The Hokage's fist swept through the empty air where the young psychic once was.

Interestingly, the location that Cary had chosen to ‘port into was Iruka's classroom. There was a gasp as she appeared in the room, then fell over. Jumping to her feet, she turned and addressed the class.

“Attention, chibis! Teleportation can be a lifesaver! Especially when an angry Hokage is about to give you a concussion with her fist!” Then she teleported out to a safer place.

While the class was recovering from this sudden announcement, Konohamaru took his opportunity to sneak out of class with his friends. The day did have some excitement to it after all.