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Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


Another review the following day? Aren't I being productive!? I'm supposed to be studying for geo

So here's my version of the plot for Anohana:

A group of 6 childhood friends part their ways after one of their loved members, Menma, dies due to an accident. Jintan, the leader of the group, drops from society after 10 years and stays at home most of the time. Suddenly, Menma appears in front of him and asks him if he can grant her wish, although she doesn't know what the wish is herself. She thinks she won't be able to go to the afterlife unless it's fulfilled. Jintan tries to help her, as he thinks he's hallucinating. He manages to bring his old friends back together to try to figure out what it is. Soon enough, his friends start doubting him as not being able to get over Menma's death, since he's the only person who can see her.

And that's all I'm going to say. If you watch this anime and don't feel the tiniest bit of sadness in your heart, you have no soul. Harsh, but it's true, in my opinion.


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07 Ghost

You thought this world died. I know you did. Did you think I stopped watching anime? Did you think I decided to quit being an otaku and actually get a life?
No, don't worry, I still don't have a life. xD I've been slacking A LOT on writing anime reviews. I have 10+ reviews I need to write. And I need to do it before I hit 1 year not posting in this world.

Anyway, this review shall be about 07 Ghost. And this is how I would summarize it:
Teito Klein, a former slave, was attending the Barsburg Empire Military Academy which is a place where students who can use Zaiphon, a type of power, attend. He also has unusual dreams, in which he sees a familiar man in every one of his dreams. The man is his father, and Teito finds out that the chief of the academy, Ayanami, has killed him. Angry, Teito tries to attack Ayanami but fails, and was sent to prison. His only friend, Mikage helps him escape the academy and even though Teito was able to escape (injured by Zaiphon), Mikage was caught. Later on, 3 bishops find Teito and bring him to a church, and Teito soon finds out that he has something special within him that could cause chaos.

That was such a bad summary. I'll try to do better with my other reviews. And I also admit that I forgot what happens in the end. But from what I remember, this is an okay anime.

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Sword Art Online


Here is my intro for this anime:
Kirito is a beta tester for the game, Sword Art Online. When the game released, it was a huge hit and was sold out in a matter of hours. It is a virtual world where actually IN the game using their Nerve Gear. But when the 10 thousand people logged in, most of them soon that they couldn't find a logout button. If you die in the game, it means you die in real life. The only way out of the game was to clear it, meaning to defeat 100 floors of the castle; Aincrad. Can Kirito do it?

I rate this anime for teens and up.
I hope you like this anime!


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Free!~ Iwatobi Swim Club


Watched this anime a few weeks ago and if you fangurl over shirtless hot guys with abs, triceps, biceps, and all that good stuff, you'll like this anime! xD

Makoto Nanase is a guy who is obsessed with mackerel and loves to be in water. He swims, but the only style he swims is free. Friends with Haruka Tachibana and Nagisa Hazuki, they've been in a relay with Rin Matsuoka who was their friend when they were in elementary but he went to Australia to a swimming school. When he came back, he was unusually a bit cold to Makoto, Haruka, and Nagisa. Makoto seemed to know why. Afterward, Rin challenged Makoto to a race. Who will win?

This anime is about friendship, in my opinion.
I heard that season 2 might come out in the summer. Hope you enjoy!


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Hetalia: Axis Powers


Imma be talking about Hetalia. I know, I'm so blunt lol.

Hetalia is a world that takes place in the 1800s. Except this time, countries are people! It starts off when Germany is walking around a forest and there he finds a box with Italy hiding inside. Soon enough, they become allies and also become best friends. Japan, another ally, joins them. And the story continues...

Each episode is 5 minutes long. In this season, there are 50 episodes I think. I really want to replace my history class with Hetalia. It's cute, funny, and you can learn a little bit of history that's actually not boring at all unlike my history class!


So yeah, I hope you enjoy this anime! If you like this season, be sure to watch the other seasons as well!


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