Guest : tafu-chan �

hey there. I'm Tafu-chan and I'm a guest poster in this wonderful world! I also welcome you here in PrincessSegaku's ANIMEzing world! ☼ that's meee xD

Prince of tennis sure is a wonderful anime. For me and PrincessSegaku, it is the best anime ever xD There are a lot of wonderful characters in Prince of tennis like:

Eiji Kikumaru ♥
he is my favorite anime character ever. He's cute, funny, and flexible xD He like's to play using acrobats. You can often see him running and jumping all over the episodes of P.O.T. XD I don't see a reason to hate him because he's just soooo cute. He portrays a NEKO in his chibi mode xD well that only happens sometimes but he's really kawaii ne?

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he's birthday is November 28th which have passed (anyway. I bought him a mini cake and I ate it myself xD) he also love to say "nyaa" because he's a neko xD

~I'm sorry IF there's no picture in this post. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my account xD

jiaa~ always take care minna!!