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TO-DO list!

Simplified list to be edited as I see deadlines coming up. Might not get to all of these, but I hope to be able to do them!


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1. RP post for Ninja World
2. Draw adopts (12/17 complete)

Ask Us!!

I see these are making their way around. XD Jumping on the bandwagon! And coming up with questions!! You or your OC can ask these guys anything (appropriate, of course)! And I'll draw you a sketch with your answer! ...

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Ask Us!! - Question 12

MetalLegendAlpha (DA): How do you type with boxing gloves on?!


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Ask Us!! - Question 11

MetalLegendAlpha (DA): Would you all like to hop on the bandwagon?


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Never Thought I'd Be Marathonning RWBY

I was curious about RWBY when it first came out and my brother showed me the trailers. But when I actually watched it, the characters were so different from the way I'd imagined them based on their art/designs, and I didn't like the voices or the CG. So I dropped it partway through season 1.

After Judai was raving about how good the latest season of RWBY is, I found myself giving it another try. And now I'm marathonning it. XD

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