welcome, people... This is my world where I'm going to post stories about characters I make from animes that already exist. kaichou wa maid sama is going to be my first!

I'm also going to post ideas about future anime I plan to make. I already have a couple in mind, and I'd like to know from the people if they're good ideas or not! so please, don't be afraid to tell me what you think!

also, if you want to make some stories, too, just ask! I'm going to have chapter stories. I plan to realese a chapter every month or so. if you do join to write stories I have a couple of rulezz--

1. keep it clean
2. if you're doing a chapter story, realese a the next chapter within a year, or I will cancle it. you can not keep your fans waiting (if your story is finished, then i won't delete it)
3. put your user name on all of your peices, so we know who wrote it.

all of these rules have the same conciquence: delete.

but here's the golden rule:

ABSOLUTLY NO FLAMING OR INSULTING. (unless it's playful) I will block you and delete everything you've posted.

so, please enjoy ^^ (you: how can you change you're attitude so fast?!)

afterlife, part 2

this is mah new and improved version for afterlife, because it might just be a little to contraversial...

this version as baisicly all the same plot, and the deamons will remain in, but it will be post apocalyptic. (in other words, it will remain on earth) it'll start on a normal class day for this one girl, and then the world explodes, and her gardian is the anti-social, emo-sasuke kid in her class, who is really the very cheaful naruto type, but avoids humans as much as possible. the story line goes on about her and, not-emo-sasuke-kid-who-still-needs-a-name try and save the world from total destruction.

I plan to bring in other cultures. I plan a sexy, white haired russian. he's albino >.> and an american girl... youngest daughter of the president (rich kid...), a boy from india who is a master theif, a really nice (yet poor) italian girl named dolche.

that's about it. they all have their own gardians, btw. the sexy russian will get a really small, doll like girl, the american girl gets a butler named sebastian. just kidding. a butler, though. the indian kid gets one of his close theivery assistants (female) as a partner, and the italian girls wominizing twin brother, dante, as her gardian.

a few other charaters may come a long, but that's baisicly it.

second proposition-- it's a shoujo

I haven't come up with a name yet.

but it's going to be about a guy who transfers to a new school. he becomes really popular really fast, and becomes captin of the hall monoter squad!!

one day, when he's walking down the hallway, he sees a girl getting bullied by a bunch of mean, yet also popular kids (one of which has a huge crush on him). after he scares them off, the girl gets pissed and yells at him about how they where just going to go bully some other poor kid. the story then goes on about why she puts herself up as a target so other kids won't be bullied as much and blah blah blah...

I can't tell you much without spoiling anything...

first porposition!! -- afterlife

okay. the first anime on my list of "I might make this!" (It's not my personal veiw. just something I drempt up) It's going to be about afterlife, you know, after we die. heaven. all the gods of each religion are accutally all part of one b...

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ink- chapter 1

by: jkhkitty read jane and inks (alex) descreption in hulaberries world, maid latte "hey!" inks eyes flew open at the sound of his younger sister, yuuki, in the hallway of they're tiny apartment. "whose gonna feed me if your sleepi...

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