Oh wow.....

Well its pretty obvious that I suck at keeping my worlds updated. I mean this is the first time I've posted in almost a year. This time I'm not making any promises about when I'm going to post stuff, but I'm not going to completely ignore my worlds. "Oh wow I suck at updating" was my first thought when I got on theO today. So don't expect new posts everyday but maybe three or four times a month if not every other week. So keep watch for any new posts and thank you for putting up with my me and all my bad "updating" skills.

New posts

Hey everybody. So last time I posted I said new posts would be starting next week. Obviously that didn't happen. So sorry about that. But this time new posts will added. So keep visiting this world.

Too Much Anime!

Okay so while I was'nt on here I was looking at some new anime. I got so absorbed in it I totally forgot about my lovely little world I have here. Watching to much anime will do that to you. My brain is fried. But there will be new posts starting next week. Till then I think I'll let my brain rest.

Deadman Wonderland

Okay so I'm pretty sure most of you know about that anime Daedman Wonderland. Now that is one twisted anime. And I mean twisted! Seriously can you even imagine a prison like that? Death row is'nt even death row. They give an option to live or die basicly. Living is earning cast points getting candy and not dying of poison injection. Or you can just let the poison take it's course and die after three days. How nice. Honestly I could'nt stop watching it because it's at that point where it's so messed up that you have to keep watching to see what else will happen. Twisted as it is it's still very entertaining to watch.

New Anime!!!

Just recently I've discovered a new anime. You guys might already know it but I wasn't aware of it till this summer at the end of July. It's D. Gray Man. Most of you are probably wondering " Wow she just now found out about this?" A bit pathetic yes I know. But finding new anime is fun and you just expand your variety of anime. So if you find any new anime comment and say what it is. Really would appreciate it.