Blades clashed during a war.
When they left to save Rukia,
They clashed even more.
They fought for Rukia’s fate,
Always hoping that they weren’t too late.
As the blades clash,
The metal sings.
Giving the wielder,
A new set of wings.

But after it is over,
The blade silently cries,
As they say their final good-byes

Sakura is Always Ready to Fight

Without distractions,
She pushes on.
A new flame,
Has been lit in her heart.
She has begun to bloom,
Into a mighty female ninja,
One that is always ready to fight.

Jealousy and anger,
Were what broke the ties of friendship.
But slowly the bond has rebuilt itself.
Her name means Cherry Blossoms,
The ones that bloom again and again.
Losing her hair gave her strength,
The strength to fight.
Sakura is now always ready to fight,
Even if it costs her, her life

Behind Sai's Smile

Behind this smile.
Covers the pain of my past,
One that always seems to last.

Behind this smile.
I followed my duty like a puppet on a string,
Always forgetting the most precious thing.

Behind this smile.
Lies a frightened child,
Whose past still haunts him from within.

But no more…

Behind this smile,
Is no longer pain.
Behind this smile,
Is no longer a puppet.
Behind this smile is no longer a frightened child.

What’s behind this smile is,

A bond that grows with others.

Sasuke's walking into Darkness

There’s darkness all around me,
And I can’t turn back now.
With my last breath,
I know that it’s a fact.
That I’m walking into darkness,
With my head held high.
I couldn’t even tell my best friend,

Revenge is what I seek,
Even now my fate looks bleak.
Looking for power,
I gave up everything I had.
All for revenge, which is so sad.
My life is a story with no happy ending
I’m walking into darkness,
And I can’t turn back now.