Yo! This is my story! Currently, I'm working on Book 1: Into the World of Anime

This is about a girl, Marie, who finds a portal to a world, where she becomes the girl of her dreams! It turns out her missing bff is there already! She encounters some problems, one on the list is the war of the boys. Maybe it was because her girl is suppose to draw in the boys? Well, tons of things come up in this hilarious, action-packed romance!

Here's a vid of the theme song if it was a show for the first book! Sakura Kiss by Kawabe Chieco (yes I know it is the Ouran High School Host Club theme, but it fits!)

Chapter 1

My name's Marie. I have shoulder length, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes. About three years ago, my best friend, Erica, went missing. This isn't some sappy story where I go out and search for her in the woods behind my house and miraculously find her. She's still missing, since the day I fell sick and couldn't explore the woods backing our yard that day. She went out alone, but never came back.

I miss the days when we would read mangas and watch anime together, I'll admit. In the present, though, I read and watch by myself. Now I stick to one spot, deep in the forest, where I go to hide from the world.

Drawings of me as my dream anime girl are nailed to the trunks of trees, and surrounded by thick branges that spare them from the rain. Out of all of them, though, only two were in color. One of me with long black hair and sea green eyes wearing a top that had one side sleeveless and the other side long sleeved and black skinney jeans. The other showed my werewolf form. (yes, I'm a werewolf/vampire fan) where I was a large grey wolf, with intelegent yellow eyes that stared out from the page. On my face/muzzle were red marks. There was a ~ above each eye, and a circle containing a red dot was on my forehead, that conected my a strait line that split into two and made a seed like shape with a spiral in the center. The full moon shone down on the silvery fur.

One day, I sat with my little metal box of mangas, and knew I was bored. I was rereading Fruits Basket, admiring each Kyo picture. So I decided to explore deeper into the forest.

In a few minutes, I came across a large meadow, filled with lavender, poppies, and other beautiful wild flowers. I started picking a few, then noticed an odd rock formation. The pile of boulders were weathered smooth by centuries of rain and snow. A huge crack ran up the side of the largest one on the ground. As I approached, I noticed that I could walk in standing strait up and still have a good foot up to the top of the crack. And I was pretty tall for a 16 year old.

As I approached, I saw something sparkling inside. Could it be some type of precious stone? Gold, maybe? Or was it just fireflies? I took a step inside anyway. I saw something sparkle out of the corner of my eye. When I turned, it was gone. Then I glimpsed another sparkle, and then it was followed a a flury of many glittering things, clinging to everypart of me. My eyes were filled with the sudden brightness of the strange things.

All at once, I had the feeling of falling through luke-warm water, but it wasn't wet. I couldn't see anything over the brightness, but my body felt strange. It didn't hurt, but it kind of... tickled. Suddenly, the sparkling stopped, and I set down the toes of my right foot, followed closely by the rest of my foot, and then the other foot. I looked around at amazed faces. Anime faces. What was going on?

"Marie!" a voice half called, half sung. I turned to see a girl with pure white hair with red streaks on either side of her face and neon green eyes. She wore a black top the had a single strap going up to her neck, where it split, then came back down into one and connected to the back of her shirt. She had black leggings with white dragons on them, and short, black, heeled boots. I recognized her immediately.

It was Erica's dream girl.

"Erica?" I questioned.

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