Hello, everyone.My name is Kazumi Chi,this is not my real name but you can call me Chi.... This is my second world...I think i want to add some picture related to anime so i hope you all will support me... *Bow* Tq for read this with open heart! .... ....

XD !!

Yeah!!From now on,I can create challange in theO :) ...I'm now Otakuite++ ..Thanks for everyone that had support me until now :) ...Wait for my first challange..

One Piece- Jungle Fever

Cold Rain... :)

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Been a long time I did not get wet in the rain...Today, when I came home from an extra class and at the same time, it was raining heavily...I was nervous ... Should I go home??Since I ride a motorcycle, I had to wait for the rain to subside ...I do not mind if it was just the rain but It was followed by thunder and strong winds ....I was afraid ...All of my friends have been invited back by their parents ...I feel very scared ... I take shelter under a hut which is occupied by many guys..Seeing them approach me,I immediately ran towards the bike
and return home..My heart was very nervous ...Will I be hit by lightning barrier??Although I'm nervous, I'm very happy that I was able to enjoy a very cold rain ... :)

Huh!!Tired Of Everything

Two weeks ago, the school was opened and I was given so much homework that I did not have enough time to rest. ..
Huh! Tired! And this week will start additional classes were followed by class netball in the evening...
After returning from school I have to attend extra classes and then I had to continue to the netball class...
Oh so tired! As this is an important year for me, so I had to sacrifice my break time ..
I hope I will not be admitted to the hospital just because of this .. hehe ^ _ ^
So,I got to go to tuition and see you soon~

~gOoD luCk foR mYsELf~

I Wonder WHY??

I wonder Why?? Good question Buttercup... ^_^ Did you all know why?? If there any ideas about it please comment.. ^_^