Welcome fellow otakus, theres only one reason why i created this world, to enjoy and watch anime openings and songs. If you know or find anything interesting, please post it or tell me about it.


Here is an opening of THE first anime i have ever watched. its a little echii but still, it was my first anime
maybe some of u know this anime...anyways enjoy


It has been a long time, actually too long. This summer is hectic not one u would actually call a summer. Dont have much time for anything
BUT!!!! there is one thing, i will be coming back to theO real soon. i havnt forgotten about theO and u fellow members!!!

Happy easter to all

I found this AMV with Naruto, Clannad, Angel Beats, The last airbender and many other anime i have not seen before all mixed together to come up with this AMV for Easter, Happy Easter to all again

dragon ball

i see that dragon ball has come back to us *rejoices* so just want to post the opening for it

Fairy Tail

I am glad to hear that fairy tail is back and airing once again.
i just posted this because not only is fairy tail awesome, its just to spread the word.