Hey, what's up? My name's Christy and in case you haven't guessed, I'm obsessed with anime.(Like every other person here.)My world is just my random comments on all the anime I watch and anything interesting that happens in my life that I feel like telling you. ^_^ Some of my favorite anime characters are Grimmjow(Bleach),Toshiro Hitsugaya(Bleach), Hiruma Yoichi(Eyeshield 21), Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho), L(Death Note), Kamina(Gurren Lagann) And pretty much every member of the Ouran High School Host Club. ^_^ (there are other favorites but it would take too long to type all the names out. We'd be here forever. ^_^)

Tired -.-ZZZZzzzZZZzzzz

Well, i stayed over at Amber's house again and we watched the new bleach episodes. I thought she was gonna kill something when she went insane over hearing Ulquiorra's voice. ^_^'''' Then after that we stayed up reeeaaaallly late. Or early, depending on how you decide to look at going to bed at seven thirty in the morning. eheh, ooops. ^_^' Anyway, can't wait till we get to hear Grimmjow's voice in English! It will make me sooooooooooo happy! YAY! And my birthday's coming up! Next friday! YAY! *Dances* Oh wait, *stops dancing and taps her chin* If it's my birthday, that means thatthe day after it is amber's birthday, in which case i promised her a picture. Hmmmm........SHIT! *Panics and runs aorund in circles screaming* I didn't finish her picture yet! WhatamigonnadowhatamigonnadowhatamigonnaDOOOOOOO?! NOOO! *frantically resumes work in the picture for next saturday.* Shit. Damn me and my short term memory loss and procrastination. TTT^TTT

Normal stories

Well, i lready said i might do that crack story with amber, but i like writing other stories too. Should i put those ones on here too? Bleach, Naruto, I'm workign on a kingdom hearts one right now. Let me know what you think.

crack story?

Hello. Back from vacation. Amber was at my house for like five days and it was awesome! ^_^ We had so much fun. One night we had a particullarly strange idea and thus our crack story was born. it may end up being posted on here, maybe not. It all depends on what amber says. It's the story of Grimmjow and Ulquiorra when they were little on up through until they joined the espada. very wierd. Oh well. Talk to ya later.

Yay! Finally!

Well, today's the last day of school before we have vacation! WOOHOO! And i finally got the arguement on myyearbook settled so that's cool too. But what's not so cool? I"M SICK! That's right, for easter vacation i'm going to miserable the whole time. -_-+ Oh well. What are you gonnna do?

Finally -_-

Well, just read the latest bleach chapter and it's abut fu*cking time that rihime realized all this sh*t was her fault. God. -_-

Well, other than that my day's been pretty sucky. Some B*tch on myyearbook is harassing me about some pic or another of her best freind that i bought on owned. It's not even of him, it's of Ichigo and she's flipping out on me because i keep buying it back from her. She's calling me a b*itch and all this other sh*t. She thinks i'm trying to steal him as a friend from her, or some thing like thta and it's pissing em off. -_-+