Hey-o! Welcome to Anime Chat! Here is a world where I wanna hear some opinions about different animes/mangas. What you believe should've been or what should be erased in the anime selection. Don't worry I will give some prime examples in my posts. All are welcome, please do enjoy your stay!

Guest Posters:

Anime AMV Week

He guys it's been a long time since I posted anything here :( So I decided to make a week of Anime AMV's. I'm a hug fan of amv's and watch them all the time of youtube. So why not share my love . I will start Sunday and go on for 7 days ^^ I hope you're all as excited as I am.

Maid Sama! anime

Hey! This is MangaKid^^ Its about time I made my first post :D I've been so busy and a really lazy guestposter, but right now I'm on wifi and thankfully one of the few things I can do via wifi is post on worlds xD
Anyway, I wanted to talk about an anime that I've watched! I hope this post is a proper post (let me know if I need to change anything, Bri!)

-Kaichou wa Maid Sama: First anime I watched (last year). Its really good! There are some really shouj-y cliche moments but the main story is touching and unique.
Info: Misaki Ayuzawa has worked her way up to becoming the prez of a previous all-boys school and she works in making the school a better environment for the new girl student. But because her dad left her family with a big debt, Misa has to work as a maid and she needs to keep it a secret or else her hard-earned reputation goes down the drain. But what happens when popular-guy Usui Takumi finds out?
I really recommend it! Its funny and random at times but never tasteless, confusing, or boring!
The ending is sad in a way though. You might end up wishing against the UsuixMisa matchup! But I can't say anything more... Go watch it for yourself^^

Black Butler 2

So this weekend I decided to watch Black Butler 2 on youtube instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD. I really didn't like it I would have prefer it was just left at Black Butler. Even though I wasn't fond of the ending in Black Butler, I really wasn't fond of the ending to Black Butler 2! To me it was good for a Black Butler 2 just not to my liking or the way "It should've been" Sometimes I wonder if it was a waste of time to watch it, but in the end I would've died not knowing. Black Butler 2 is about love, betrayal, and total unfairness. People will be used, people will be torchured and embarassed, and many will die. If you like Black Butler then you might like Black Butler 2. Who really knows? For me it should've stayed a one time thing with no extentions I'm not telling to not watch it or anything like that I'm just putting my opinion out there.

My Favorite Anime AMV

This is one of my favorite anime amv's evar created!!! It's called Tribute to the Heroes of Anime by sorrowofdestiny2009. This is the amv that made me fall in love with Hellsing and a few other animes :)

Hope you all like as much as I do!

Sorry :/

So friends that I have realy posted anything chat-worthy lately... I have had a lot of school work and projects to do. I have to push myself even harder now because the forth and final quarter is starting. I do want to graduate after all :D So as soon as I get extra time I will post some great chat-worthy posts.