Hey-o! Welcome to Anime Chat! Here is a world where I wanna hear some opinions about different animes/mangas. What you believe should've been or what should be erased in the anime selection. Don't worry I will give some prime examples in my posts. All are welcome, please do enjoy your stay!

Guest Posters:

Bleach AMV

Hey guys heres another amv. I decided to pick a Bleach AMV because it seems to be a popular anime among people on theO. I have read a little of Bleach and watched a few episodes but I'm not too familiar with it. So here it is:

So the uploader/creator of this video is karusman07. It is called Bleach-"Break the Limit" the song is called Falling Apart by Zebrahead. Hope you all like it :D

Ao No Excorist

Hey here is another AMV! You guys this is Blue Exorcist and I really don't know anything about this anime but this AMV looks good so here you go!

This is by MissJust3mma! The song is called Let it Burn by Red and thats all I really know. Enjoy :D

Hellsing AMV

Hey everyone it's AMV time! This was one of the first AMV's I saw back when I started liking anime ^^ Here it is:

It's called "Monsters of Hellsing" and is created by sorrowofdestiny2009. Like I said SOD is a great creator I would suggest checking out his stuff sometime. The song used is called Monster by Skillet. One of my favorite animes with one of my favorite bands :D Hope you like!

Elfen Lied AMV

Hey guys here is another great AMV! :D

The creator is Credibility22 and thats all I really know about it, sorry guys D: I really like this AMV because it describes the main character really well and the split personalities she has. If you never watched Elfen Lied I would try it out, but I've heard the manga is a lot better Enjoy my friends!

Death Note AMV

Hey guys sorry for the delay! (my AMV posts will be delayed since I have school and junk). Alright so todays AMV is all about Death Note! Death Note is the very first true anime I saw :D (Pokemon is anime but it's like more for children and stuff).And it seems to be pretty popular on theO. I hope you like! ^^

The creator of this AMV is thecoolfool12345! I'm too familiar with any other coolfool's videos, Sorry :( But anyway the sing used is Breathe Into Me by Red. I love this AMV it was put together perfectly with each different clip following the lyrics. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did :D