Max's Character Profile

This is one of the characters for my first Digimon fan fiction! I might get a picture of him and his sister on later.

Character Profile: Digimon Viral Busters
Name: Maximillian "Max" Liefly
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Red
Clothing Style: Gangster(although he calls it "punk")
Eyes: Green
Favorite Food: Anything Spicy
"C'mon punk! Let's Rumble!"
After losing both his parents to drugs and alcohol, he and his twin sister have gone to a life of crime. When he first meets Darrell and Rose, he was a bully in town, but eleven years have passed, and being handed the role of Digi-Destined doesn't really fit his profile, but he's willing to do whatever he can. He prefers rough, tough Digimon like Greymon, instead of cutsie Digimon. Sometimes you gotta make comprimises.

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